2003 April 10 – quotes from “Iowans relieved, still concerned” DM Reg

April 10, 2003 – The Des Moines Register, “Iowans relieved, still concerned” :

After the fall of Bagdad and U.S. news networks aired images of happy Iraqis,  Cordaro said he wasn’t rethinking his stance against the war. “The greater truth of this war will be known by the unknown thousands of Iraqis who have lost their lives. I take my clue on how to interpret this war from the pope himself, who said that all wars are human failures. The jubilee that we hear in the media and the hype that we hear about our victories are no consolation and get us no closer to the truth.”

“I agree with the majority of the people in the world who have no love for Saddam and the scoundrel that he was,” said the Rev. Frank Cordaro of Des Moines, a Roman Caholic priest and veteran anti-war protester. “But the United States and its foreign policy and the hypocrisy behind it are a greater threat to world peace.”


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