2003 Jan 1 Fr Frank… to freinds

Fr Frank Jan 1, 2003 Update;


All goes well for me..


I am living half time at the DMCW and half time at St Mary’s rectory in Guthrie Center IA. My new assignment is a temp pastor of St Mary’s Parish in Guthrie Center and St Cecilia’s Parish in Panora IA until Easter. This is my fifth temp assignment in three years. If I’m not in jail, I’m covering a parish assignment for the diocese. This arraignment suits me well.

It’s really a good deal. There are no new programs that I need to start; no major administrative decisions need to be made. The lay leadership and the two deacons do most of the administrative work of the parish. All they ask of me is to bring them the Sacramental life of the Church. Visit the ill and shut ins and be a priestly presence for their children. I get to administer the sacraments, celebrate the Eucharist, preaching the Gospel, pray with the ill and elderly, and be with young people. I get to do all of the best things about being a priest. Plus, I feel I am giving a positive contribution to the diocese.

I’m very grateful that I am allowed to make my residence at the Catholic Worker. The communal life if affords me and the works of mercy practiced helps me keep me spiritually balanced.

My health is good and my cholesterol numbers are good. I’m back to swimming at the YMCA. If I take my meds and keep the weight down I should be o.k. The doc told me my heart coming out of jail was no different than the heart going into jail. I have %20 permeate damage to my heart. My biggest personal challenge is to find the healthy balance in my lifestyle.

God blessed me with the good fortune to be with Phil Berrigan and the Jonah House Community for a few days before Phil died. I was in the area attending Art Lafin’s wedding and visiting Carol Fenelly. I was planning on visiting Phil and folks in Baltimore anyway. At the time I was planning my trip, no one knew Phil would be in his last days. I share in the communal anointing of the sick that Fr Dan Berrigan led at Jonah House the Sat before Phil died. The whole time I was there I felt I was witnessing the death of a great prophet – liken to Jeremiah and Isaiah




I was not able to attend this years Feast of the Holy Innocents Retreat and Line Crossing at Offutt Air Force Base. My great Uncle Augie Randa died Christmas Eve day and we had his funeral in Des Moines on Sat Dec 28th.

Twenty-five people were at the Offutt gate Sat Dec 28th to support Fr Jim Murphy of Platteville WI and Dagmar Hoxsie of Yankton SD who crossed the line and got arrested. (See News Paper articles attached.)






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