1997 Aug 31 – 22nd Sun Ord (Bulletin Letters)

1997 Aug 31 – 22nd Sun Ord (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle B 22nd Sun Ord

Dt 4, 1-2. 6-8

Mk 7, 1-8. 14-15. 21-23

Dear Friends;

’You shall not add to what I command nor subtract from it’ Deut. 4/2

’Nothing that enters a person from outside can make them impure; that which comes out of them, and only that, constitutes impurity.’ Mk. 7/15


In this week’s first readings, Moses lays down the law with strict instructions to the Israelites not to change them.

Than, in the Gospel, Jesus picks up the law and adds to it and subtracts from it.

How can this be? Isn’t Jesus doing exactly what Moses says he should not be doing?

What is Jesus up to? Some see here a shift away from the letter of the law, back to the spirit of it. Others would talk about Jesus preferring the law of love to the love of law.

In any case, Jesus is making it clear that a blind obedience to law, any law, even God’s Law is not what is demanded by God. Law’s can never be ends in themselves, lest they get in the way of goal and purpose of their existence.

There are very few absolute laws in human terms. And all of God’s Law’s serve the demands of God’s  Love. To this end and because of Jesus, we are free to reexamine and redefine our human made laws to keep up with the demands God’s law of love.

97 08 31

Wedding Call Off

I’m sorry to report that the wedding of my niece, Gigi Cordaro and Jude Hopkins was called off this weekend. Many of you will remember that Jude and Gigi were part of our RCIA class last year and that Jude became a Catholic at our Easter Vigil Mass.

Though not uncommon, it is always a surprise when something like this happens. You can only imagine the pain and sorry surround such a decision. (Not to mention all the cancellation that must be made ten days before a big wedding!)

All the plane tickets are bought and travel plans set, so the Cordaro clan is gathering this weekend despite the cancellation. And I would like to be with my family at this time.

So, IÕve decided to go ahead and exchanged weekend Mass coverage with Fr. Robert Harris from St. Anthony’s in D.M. this weekend.

Please keep Gigi and Jude in your prayers. They are two really good young people. And they made the right decision to call off the wedding.

Anointing of Sick at weekend Masses Sept. 6 &7

The Sacrament of the Sick will be administer to anyone who wishes to receive it at all three Masses next weekend.

This sacrament is meant for all people who are suffering any kind of illness; physical, emotional or spiritual. Generally speaking, anyone who is a senior citizen may receive this sacrament at any time. People who have long standing illness or pains may receive this sacrament. Women who are pregnant, anyone with a bad cold, difficult headache or anyone scheduled for medical test are welcomed to receive this sacrament.

Basically anyone who feels a need for any kind of healing; physical, emotional or spiritual are welcomed to receive this sacrament.


Catholic Worker Midwest Gathering Sept. 12-14.

This year’s annual Midwest Catholic Worker gathering in Sugar Creek IA takes place the weekend of Sept. 12-14. I plan to attend the Fri and Sat sessions and return late Sat. night to Lacona, in time for Sunday morning Masses.

Fr. Felix Onuora, a Holy Spirit priest from Africa assigned to St. Ambrose Cathedral in Des Moines will cover the Sat. 5:30 p.m. Mass in Lacona.

Habitat for Humanity Meeting At St. Augustine’s In Milo

Representatives from the area Habitat for Humanity are holding an introduction meeting at St. Augustine’s Church in Milo Tuesday Sept. 6th at 7:00 p.m. This is a great international organization that helps put poor people into homes of their own. Come and find out more about this important organization.

Fr. Frank & his Father / DHS – 1968


DM Reg. Thurs. Aug. 14, 1997

A match made in heaven?

I doubt that I am the only Dowling High School graduate who would like to see Lincoln, Neb., bishop Fabian Bruskewitz lined up on the football field or wrestling mat across from Father Frank (Sonny ) Cordaro.

As I remember it, back in 1968 and Ô69, Sonny (Maroon No. 61) played with intensity, absolute dedication, fairness and even a kind of purity and innocence. That is the way he has always played it and that is the way he is playing now. The one thing Frank wouldn’t do was back down from a bully.

This foolishness is enough to make me become active in the church so I could be excommunicated right along with him

Give ‘em heaven, Sonny. Kick some cassock.

— William J. Broz,

1925 Ash Ave., Batavia Iowa


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