1997 Jan 5 -Epiphany of the Lord (Bulletin Letters)

1997 Jan 5 -Epiphany of the Lord (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle B Epiphany

Mt  2, 1-12

Dear friends;

“Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We observed his star at its rising and have come to pay him homage.” Mt. 2/2

The word Epiphany means “God made manifested”. The word is used  to denote  St. Matthew’s Christmas account of the gift bearing wise men. The emphasis is often place on the idea that when the ‘Star’ lead wise men finally find the baby Jesus in Bethlehem, the Gentile world was officially introduced to the Son of God. God is made manifested to the Gentile world.

What is often over looked in the retelling of this story is a critical truth that  Matthew‘s Gospel is at pains to reveal, that when the true nature of Jesus’s divine mission is made known to the political world, it is not well received. Jesus was considered a threat to the political powers of his day. When the political world found out about his birth, they tried to have him killed.

In Matthew’s Christmas story, the Holy Family managed to escape King Herod’s death squads. Later on in the story, Jesus will not be so lucky. The same political powers will have him crucified.

We should not be so easily fooled into thinking that the political powers of today are any better  than they were in Jesus’s day. The political world still finds the true nature of Jesus mission a threat and they continue to kill the innocent to protect their political position.


97 01 05

Feast of the Holy Innocents Report

This years Feast of the Holy Innocents Retreat and Line Crossing at Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue NE was a big success. We had well over 60 people participate in the retreat at some point in the weekend. And we ended up with 14 people actually crossing the line and getting ‘ban and bar’ letters from the base.

The big difference between this year’s witness from others were the number of young people who took part in the retreat and line crossing. We had several college students from Loras College in Dubuque and the U. of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. Eight of the fourteen line crossers were under 23 yrs old!

The youngest line crosser was Cassy Moore, a 17 year old H. S. student from Mondamin IA. Cassy is the daughter of Bill and Mary Moore, good friends of mine from my Harrison Co. days. The Moore family has joined us before for our annual witness and line crossing and both Mary and Cassy have crossed the line together, when Cassy was 12 yrs. old. This year Cassy came on her own to cross line, a kind of right of passage for this young women.

The students from Loras and UNI attended because I was able to visit their campuses this past Fall to give talks and invite them to join us in Omaha for this Christmas break experience. We hope to build on this college base of support next year and try to get  to several other college campuses to join us for next years effort.

Of the folks who crossed the line and got ‘ban and bar’ letters, Norman Searah from the Des Moines Catholic Worker is the only one who has an active ‘ban and bar’ letter. This means that Norman could be charged with breaking his pass ‘ban and bar’ letter, be brought to court and if found guilty be sent to jail for up to six months. It usually take the base authorities 90 days to decided weather or not they are going to prosecute any of the line crossers. I will keep you posted on Norman’s situation.









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