1997 June 8 – 10th Sun Ord (Bulletin Letters)

1997 June 8 – 10th Sun Ord (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle B 10th Sun Ord

Mk 3, 20-35.

Dear Friends;

Binding the Strong Man

This week’s one verse Gospel parable from the 3rd chapter of Mark of the thief who plunders the ‘strong man’s house’  packs a dramatic punch in the story  line of the Gospel.  Jesus is telling the scribes from Jerusalem, who were sent to check him out, that their legitimate hold on the Jewish people and Faith was soon to come to an end. A stronger force (Jesus) was about to put them ‘under restraint’ and ‘plunder (their) house’.

Jesus will literally act out this parable at the end of the story in the last week of his life when he does his Temple Cleansing protest.


Annual Priest Retreat

I am attending the annual D.M. Diocesan Priest Retreat this week at Conception Abbey in Conception MO. The retreat starts Sunday, June 8th and continues through to Thursday, June 12th. Auxiliary Bp. Lawrence Welsh from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Mpls MN will be our retreat director. I’ll be returning home Friday.

I look forward each year to this retreat. Its a great time for prayer, rest and relaxation. Plus, it gives us priest a chance to be with each other, without the pressures and demands of our everyday ministries.

During the week, I can be reached for emergencies at (816) 944-2809 during the day and at (816) 944-2802 during the night.

97 06 08

Fr. Frank’s Special Proposal Updates

Bishop Charron and the Priest Personnel Board met May 22nd and discussed my special proposal. They decided to have me come to their next meeting Wed. June 25th and explain my plan personally.

And Fr. Larry Morlan met with Bishop Meyers, his Bishop and talked about the possibility of Fr. Larry joining me in the D.M. Diocese to develop a model of priestly parish based / resistance ministry . Bishop Meyers told Larry, he would be free to leave the Peoria Diocese to join me in the Des Moines Diocese, if Bishop Charron gives his approval.

97 06 08

News ‘about’ & ‘from’ Lincoln NE

The following quote is from the May 30, 1997 National Catholic Reporter   article, by  Pamela Schaeffer  ‘Dueling Catholic conferences enliven Lincoln’. This article reports on the Call to Action Conf. I attended in Lincoln NE. It also reports on the counter- Call to Action Conf, in Lincoln that weekend, called      ‘Call To Holiness’ Conference


‘Both conferences ended with Mass, although Call to Action leaders stressed that Mass was not part of the conference program. Their celebrant was Fr. Frank Cordaro, pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in the Des Moines, Iowa, Diocese. Cordaro has served time in prison for his protest against nuclear weapons. ‘I’m a priest in good standing and they’re Catholics in good standing,’ he said. Cordaro is unable to celebrate Mass in Omaha, NE., however, since Archbishop Elden Curtiss stripped him of his priestly faculties there last June after the Omaha World Herald  published Cordaro’s letter to the editor, In it, he criticized Curtiss and Bruskewitz for refusing to take strong stands against the death penalty and nuclear weapons while denouncing ‘reform-minded Catholics.

At the Call to Action Mass, a prayer beginning ‘Our Mother Who Art in Heaven’ was recited in addition tot he traditional ‘Our Father,’ as was a ‘penitential prayer’ written by Ray McGovern asking for forgiveness for the church’s offenses against women.

The Call to Holiness Mass was celebrated by Bruskewitz, who expressed ‘profound gratitude’ to organizers and speakers and for ‘the exceptionally kind words spoken for this diocese and its unworthy bishop.’ His homily on truth and freedom centered on the point that liberation comes in ‘doing what God wants’ rather than being ‘slave to a thousand different pulls in this direction and that.

Parts of the Mass were chanted in Latin. No women participated in ministries at the Mass.’


I received the following letter last week from Msgr. Timothy Thorburn, the Chancellor of the Diocese of Lincoln NE.

May 30, 1997

Reverend and dear Father Frank Cordaro

The Most Reverend Bishop of Lincoln has asked me to com- municate to you  this information:

You have no faculties to celebrate or perform any liturgical or ecclesiastical acts or functions in the Diocese of Lincoln, including the celebration of Holy Mass, the hearing of confessions, and preaching. You are forbidden to celebrate or perform any liturgical or ecclesiastical acts or functions in the Diocese of Lincoln, and this prohibition is in perpetuity.

This communication is also a canonical warning. Any violation of this prohibition will be punished with a degree of excommunication.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Monsignor Timothy J. Thorburn,

Chancellor, Diocese of Lincoln NE

cc: Bishop Joseph Charron, C.PP.S – Des


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