1997 March 30 – Easter Sun (Bulletin Letters)

1997 March 30 – Easter Sun (Bulletin Letters)

Dear Friends;


What difference did the Resurrection make in the world? By worldly accounts the day after the first Easter was no different than the day before it.  As far as the world was concern, the last word on the historical Jesus was made on the cross and it was made by the Roman’s. And that message was clear. “Don’t Mess With Rome!”

The only thing that changed after the first Easter Sunday morning were the hearts of Jesus’s disciples as they came to believe in His resurrected person. It was this bed rock believe in the resurrection that moved the disciples to boldly proclaim and live out Jesus’s radical new way of life.

Now, after almost 2,000 years of Christianity,  the followers of Jesus have left their mark on human history and worldly affairs. Some of it good, some of it not so good.

Yet despite all this, today’s followers of Jesus have nothing more than what

the first disciples had to base their lives on — a bed rock believe in the resurrection of Jesus, a believe found only in their hearts. Almost 2,000 years after the first Easter Sunday the Easter reality is still a revolution of the heart.


97 03 30



Buena Vista College in Storm Lake IA ask me to take part in a Death Penalty debate Thursday  night April 3rd. I will be debating Republican State Rep. Ron Corbett. Rep. Corbett is from Cedar Rapids IA . He is the Speaker of the IA’s House of Representatives and a leading pro death penalty advocate. Pray for me.



I am helping host the Lakes And Prairies Life Community gathering in Des Moines April 11 – 13. Fr. David Fleming will be covering the weekend Masses.



There will be a special second collection at all the Masses on the weekend of April 12 & 13. The Parish Council felt that it would be easier to do a ‘second collection’ rather than a ‘fund raiser’ to raise the money necessary to cover our Religious Ed. Program.

They say “you get what you pay for”. That is not the case with our Religious Ed. Programs. In fact, we get far more than what we pay  for! We run our Religious Ed. Programs on a  “shoe string budget”. Thanks to all the volunteer time our teachers give and the long hours of service and seasoned leadership that we have in Roseanna Dittmer.

Still we needs to raise funds to continue our good programs. Please be generous April 12 & 13th when the basket is pass around the second time.



We collected $189. 95  for the SE Warren Co. Food Pantry at the second collection after the weekend Masses March 15 & 16. That’s better than $50 over the last collection three months ago. THANKS!


Holy Trinity of SE Warren Co.’s Confirmation Mass


St. Augustine Ch. in Milo

Saturday April 5th

5:30 p.m.


The following 7th and 8th Graders will be Confirmed by Bishop Charron:

Sarah Burgin: Sarah’s Sponsor is Irma Schaeffer.  And her Confirmation name is St. Anna.

Jerrod Burgin: Jerrod’s Sponsor is Virgil Schurman. And his Confirmation name is St. Joseph.

Amanda Schaefer: Amanda’s Sponsor is Pat Hoch. And her Confirmation name is St. Bertha.

Renee Ripperger : Renee’s Sponsor is Patty Harrington. And her Confirmation name is St. Ann

Eric Wachter: Eric’s Sponsor is Liz Putz. And his Confirmation name is St. John.

Sarah Dittmer: Sarah’s Sponsor is Tonya Konrad. And her Confirmation name is St. Teresa.

Chris Farley : Chris’s Sponsors are Cindy & Jay Burgin. And his Confirmation name is St. Blaise.

Erin Hoffman : Erin’s Sponsor is Karen Herkelman. And her Confirmation name is St. Theresa.

Brent Scheve: Brent’s Sponsors are David & Judith Kurth. And his Confirmation name is St. Michael.

Amanda Roland: Amanda’s Sponsor is      Blanche Seuferer. And her Confirmation name is St. Francis

Jay Burgin , will also be Confirmed by Bishop Charron on April 5th. Jay is a member of this year’s RCIA class and was not able to attend the Easter Vigil Mass. Jay’s sponsor is Cindy, his wife. And Jay’s Confirmation name is Joshua.


Everyone is welcome to attend this year’s Confirmation Mass and meet Bishop Charron at the reception to follow.



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