1996 Dec 29, Lakes and Prairies Life Community Feast of the Holy statement

1996 Dec 29, Lakes and Prairies Life Community Feast of the Holy Innocents Witness and Line-Crossing: STRATCOM Headquarters, Offutt Air Force Base Statement

We’re here on the day of the Feast of the Slaughter of the Holy Innocents to commemorate the deaths of the children that Herod killed in his attempts to murder the Christ child. We stand with the non-violent spirit of Jesus and against the continued mission of STRATCOM, which targets innocent people in the interests of national security. Today’s military, like Herod’s, is essentially a state-sanctioned terrorist organization.

Additionally, we echo the words of former STRATCOM Commander General George Lee Butler. In a recent Washington Post article, Butler calls US nuclear policy “fundamentally irrational” and nuclear weapons “morally indefensible.” It took an entire career for him to get honest about the absurdity of nuclear weapons. These weapons destroy life and bleed our vital social programs dry. Masses of people are homeless and hungry. Our college loans, job training, health care, and environmental protection programs are all cut to maintain our military empire.

We’re glad that Butler finally got honest with himself and the public. He came out of the moral closet, and is standing up in opposition to nuclear weapons. Our only regret is that this didn’t happen sooner. We invite you to become honest with yourselves as well. Ask yourselves, what are you trading for your job security? Wouldn’t you rather stand on the side of life than on the side of nuclear terrorism? Wouldn’t you rather tell your children that you left them a future instead of leaving them the horrific legacy of a nuclear age, which includes an environment destroyed by nuclear waste?

As long as people stand against the insanity of nuclear violence there is still hope for our world and the future world of our children. If we keep silent, if we don’t stand for our moral beliefs, we contribute to the possible annihilation of the world.

We are here to make an appeal in support of our country’s true needs. If we keep wasting money on what Butler calls “inefficient” weapons, we deprive our nation of its full potential. We shouldn’t need to have weapons of mass destruction to protect our way of life. People should not have to compromise their values or beliefs to get job training, obtain a college education, or make a living. In addition, we’re here to encourage you to examine your own faith and conscience. Our actions reflect our faith. We can’t love our enemies and kill them at the same time.

Line Crossers (L. to R.)

Norman Searah – Des Moines, IA., Jim Durdin – Clarinda, IA., Sharon Cordaro, Riverside, CA., Jim Earles, Maquoketa, IA., Beverly A Jahn – Colorado Springs, CO., Aby John – Cedar Falls. IA., Monica Lowy – Clinton, IA., John Farrell – Delmar, IA., Janet Frankl – Manilla, IA., Peter Nguyen – Des Moines, IA., Cassy Moore – Mondamin, IA., Jo Peterson – Omaha, NE. and Amanda Bahnson – Cedar Falls, IA.  (Not in pictured Jamie Trobough – Omaha, NE.)



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