1996 July 21 – 16th Sun. Ord. (Bulletin Letters)

1996 July 21 – 16th Sun. Ord. (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle A 16th Sun Ord

Mt 13, 24-43


Dear Friends;

“The reign of God is like a mustard seed…It is the smallest of seed of all, yet when full-grown it is the largest of plants.” Mt. 13 / 31-32

       This week’s Gospel parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast and last week’s parable of the Sower, all point to a general principle and rule of thumb about the Reign of God. They have to do with the perspectives and proportions of God’s Kingdom.

From the Kingdom of God’s perspective, its builders and proclaimers in this world are the small and seemingly insignificant people of the world; the one grain of wheat, the one mustard seed, and the very small portion of yeast.

But watch how they grow! It is these small seemingly insignificant people of the world, who’s lives produce the abundant grace and unlimited love God uses to bring about the reign of God; the grain of wheat that produces the hundred fold, the mustard seed that grows to be the largest of plants, and the pinch of yeast that makes the mass of dough rise.


96 07 21

Sr. Joan Bellew SSNC to speak at Weekend Masses July 27-28

Next weekend we are going to have a special guest, Sr. Joan Bellew of the School Sisters of Nortre Dame. Sr. Joan is the oldest sister of Jan Wadle. She has spent the last six year in Ghana West Africa as a head mistress of an all girls school. I asked Jan to invite Sr. Joan to be our quest this coming  weekend and to share at all our Weekend Masses about her ministry.

It’s always a blessing to have some one from your family or parish who is a religious sister or brother. It is especially a great blessing if that person’s ministry is beyond our own boarders. I look forward to meeting St. Joan  and hearing of her life and faith journey.

State Wide IA. Catholic Campus Ministry Registration

The Bishops of IA. and the IA. Catholic Campus Ministry Association are working together to keep in touch with Catholic students attending colleges in Iowa. Attached to this week’s bulletin is a registration form. This is the third year that the IA. Bishops and the Campus Ministry Association are doing a state wide registration of Catholic college student. If you know of any Catholic students attending colleges in IA this year please pass this form on to them. If you are not sure they will follow through and fill out the form, fill it out for them! Return all forms to Fr. John Ludwig, The Drake Newman Center. 1342 – 30th St. Des Moines IA. 50311-2904

College students are in a unique and critical stage in their personal Faith journeys. My own association with the Catholic Student Center at UNI, when I was an undergraduate, played an important role in my spiritual growth at the time. The two priest who were campus ministers at UNI became good and life long friends. Both had a very profound influence on me when I was in college and served as good  role models when I made my decision to be come a priest.

Sometime in each college student’s life, they start to ask themselves the important questions of life. Make sure for the Catholic college students you know that  when they do start to ask those important questions, they know where they can go to get some good answers.

Be sure to pass this information to any Catholic college students that you know or register them yourselves. The information will be passed on to the Catholic campus ministry associated with the student and college they are attending.


Aug. 6th at Offutt

Aug. 6th is the anniversary of the USA  A-bombing of Hiroshima Japan in 1945. I’m planning to attend the over night gathering in Omaha that will conclude with a Witness and Line Crossing at Offutt’s main gate at noon Tuesday Aug. 6. I will not be crossing the line this year. There will be no 8 a.m. Mass on Tuesday Aug. 6th.


$130 Collected For Food Pantry

Last weekend we collected $130 for the S.E. Warren Co. Food Pantry. Remember to bring your food donation for the Pantry every third weekend. The third weekend of Sept. will be the next time we have a second collection for the Food Pantry. Thank you for your generosity!



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