1996 June 8 – Corpus Christi (Bulletin Letters)

1996 June 8 – Corpus Christi (Bulletin Letters)

Dear friends;

Differing Body’s of Christ

This weekend the Church celebrates Corpus Christi – the Body of Christ Sunday. There are at least four ways that I can think of to describe what the Body of Christ means.

1) There is the Body of Christ we celebrate in our Eucharist. Blessed bread and wine, we share it at Mass and keep in our tabernacles.

2) There is the Body of Christ that is the Church itself, the community of believers. This Body can vary in size between congregations and denominations.

3) There is the Mystical Body of Christ. This is the Body of Christ Pope Pius XII referred to as the whole of humanity; past, present, and future. This is the must inclusive understanding of Christ’s body.

4) There is the Body of Christ who are our poor, suffering and oppressed of the world. This Body makes no distinction between the deserving and undeserving.  If someone is poor, if someone is suffering or oppressed, they are part of Christ’s Body, whether they  know it or not.

Each one of these understanding of Christ’s body is no less, nor no greater than the others. Each reveals a presence of Christ in a unique and important way.

The Mystical Body of Christ, the most inclusive of the four, reveals the true scope of Christ’s divine and human nature. Because Christ was a human being, who life and died, like all human beings, all of humanity now counts itself included in God’s family.

The Body of Christ who are the Church are the people of Faith who are filled with the Holy Spirit and called to bear witness to the Ways of Jesus. These are the folks who measure their worth by the example and standard set by Jesus in the New Testament.

The Body of Christ, who are the poor, suffering and oppressed are the members of the human family held special in God’s eyes. His Son Jesus spent much of his earthly life ministering on their behalf.

They provide both the mission and the judgment for any would be followers of Jesus. Mission, for as Jesus spent much of his life caring for their needs, so should Jesus’s followers.  Judgment because for every poor, suffering and oppressed person who exist in the world, each follower of Jesus must ask themselves personally have we done all we can to help? Have we done as much as Jesus would do if he were with us in the flesh?

The Body of Christ experienced in the Eucharist is the Catholic Church’s central communal prayer experience. It is the “real thing” in a sacramental way. This Body of Christ puts us in touch with the spirit and person of Jesus.  Spiritual food of great value that fills up the heart and makes whole the soul.

To really fully celebrate the meaning of this Sundays Feast of Corpus Christi,  its a good remember the many differing ways in which the Body of Christ is made know.


96 06 08

Fr. Frank on Retreat

I will be attending the annual Des Moines Diocesan priest retreat at Conception Abbey in MO. this week. I will be leaving Sunday afternoon and returning Friday afternoon. There will be no daily Masses nor Bible Study this week.

I have attended this annual retreat almost every year since ordination, missing only when I have been in prison. It’s a great opportunity for the priest of our diocese to get together for prayer and spiritual input.  Its also good time for me to kick back, relax and spend quality time with brother priest. I beg your prayers for the success of our retreat this week.


Did you know…

* More than enough food is grown to feed everyone on this planet.

* Today, 60,000 people will die of hunger — two-thirds of them children.

* One-third of the world’s children are significantly underweight for their age.

* Four times more malnourished children are female than male.

* Nearly one in five people worldwide is chronically malnourished — too hungry to lead a productive, active life.

* What the world spends in half a day on military purposes could finance the entire malaria eradication program of the World Health Organization.

* The Amount spent on weapons every minute could feed 2,000 malnourished children for a year.

* The price of one military tank could provide classrooms for 30,000 students.

(Source: Oxfam America)


Fr. Frank’s Puts Ponytail On the Line!

In an apparent moment of weakness, Fr. Frank agreed to cut off his ponytail if Rosemount Parish raised an additional $8,000. The extra money is needed to finish the altars, get new carpet and make needed repairs in the basement.


Rosemount Action Clears $5,000 / Ponytail In Danger!

Rosemount Auction cleared over $5,000! This brings the total collected towards the debt from recent renovation to $14,000. We are two thousand dollars short of paying off our $16,000 debt. We are almost assured that Fr. Frank will be shaving his beard off this Aug. at the Picnic. Another $10.000 and we will be able to cut off his ponytail!















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