1995 July 9 – 14th Sun Ord (Bulletin Letters)

1995 July 9 – 14th Sun Ord (Bulletin Letters)

Dear friends;

In this weeks, Gospel Jesus sends his appointed 72 disciples out, a head of him, to every town and place he intended to visit on his way to Jerusalem. He tells them to travel light; take no walking staff or traveling bag. They are not even to wear sandals. (Lk.10/4)

In the last month or so, I’ve become very aware of just how far off the mark I’ve strayed from Jesus’s console to travel light. I’ve discovered in my move from Council Bluffs to Lacona that I have accumulated a great deal of ‘stuff’ in the ten years I’ve been a priest. Most of it being books, files & papers, posters & pictures, pottery and knickknacks. Still, it took me two pickups loads and two van’s full to haul it all to Lacona.

I’m now in the mist of sorting and rearranging this stuff to fit into the Rectory in Lacona. I’m embarrassed to say that the Lacona Rectory is going to met my needs and than some. After living in a two room apartment for the last three years and feeling guilty for living so well, having an entire house to myself is an outlandish luxury. I say I am embarrassed because I know we priest live quiet well in comparison with the people we serve, especially in rural areas. My years in the Catholic Worker movement and travels to Central America also remind me of how outlandish the luxury of living alone in a large house really is by global standards.

The two best things about having a whole house to live in for myself is I’ll be able to offer hospitality and I’ll have more wall space for my pictures and posters. When it’s all sorted out, your welcome to come check it out.

I call this phase of my entry into a new assignment, my ‘nesting’ stage. Its a territorial thing, I admit. I don’t really feel comfortable in a place until I’ve got my ‘stuff’ sorted out and all around me. Please bare  with me. It shouldn’t last but a couple more weeks. I’m hoping that once Î’m past this stage, I’ll have time to get out and met more people.

I want to thank all the folks who were on hand to welcomed me on my moving day and helped unload my stuff. What a great Welcoming Committee! Every one I’ve met been most gracious and warm. Thank you. I really feel welcomed. I enjoyed the 4th of July parade and activities in Milo. Special thanks to Mary Dittmer for her Strawberry Pie, Esther Ripperger for her Banna Nut Cake and Catherine Schurman for her Oatmeal Cookies. Such tokens & eats are most welcomed and appreciated by this bachelor and poor cook.

95 07 09

July 31 to Aug. 11 – Fr. Frank On Road Trip to Wash. D.C.

I will be out of the county between July 31 and Aug. 11. There will be no weekday Masses the two weeks I’m gone. Fr. John Kovacs will be celebrating the weekend Masses. I will be on a road trip to Wash. D.C. to help mark the 50th Anniversary of the A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. More on this later.

Fr. Frank



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