1995 Nov 26 – Christ the King Sun (Bulletin Letters)

1995 Nov 26 – Christ the King Sun (Bulletin Letters)

Dear Friends;

An Advent Lament:

The problem with Advent is there is just no time for it. The commercial side of Christmas is all to important for our national economic well being to give the Advent spirit a fair chance.

For the commercial world, the Christmas season happens before Christmas Day. Retail stores calculate the rise and fall of their economic year, base on what they believe they can sale before Dec. 25th. Forty percent of all retail sales in the USA are made in December. With that kind of economic pressure built into the season, any time or energy devoted to the real Advent themes of poverty, justice, prayer and fasting pose a direct threat to the commercial life the nation.

Truth is, much of how the commercial world’s looks at Christmas is at odds with the spiritual meaning of the season.

In the commercial world, surprises are not welcome on Christmas day. A good Christmas for the titans of business is one that is in their control, where their predictions on how much Americans will spend are correct and a tidy profit is made.

In the spiritual world, a good Christmas is out of our control, much anticipated, but never predicted and it is always a surprise, with a prophetic bite. It is good news for the whole world, not just for those who can afford to buy.

In the real Christmas, Christ was born into poverty. In the commercial world, you get the Christmas you can afford.

Every year at this time, I just dread the effort and energy it takes to hold up the spirit of Advent over and against the predominate commercial  Christmas that bombard us at every level of public life.

Its easy to get discouraged +and feel a sense of hopelessness through it all.

I take my hope in knowing that there wasn’t much room in the world for Jesus to be born the first time. That means every effort made to create at least some space, how ever small, for the birth of Christ is worth it. It may be all the space Jesus needs this year to be born again.

God on a Cross

Dead Meat on a Tree

Do we really know what it means

Christ the King?



Holy Trinity of S.E. Warren Co.

Advent Retreat

Sat. Dec. 16

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with

Fr. Benno Kornely, S.J.

Des Moines Emmaus Spiritual Director


St. Augustine Church in Milo



*** News Release ****

Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Planned at Hog Factory for Monday Nov. 27th

What: Blocking a drive way of a Iowa Select Farms Hog Facility, which is under expansion, to symbolize our opposition to the ramped development of these facilities without regard of local people’s health and well being or to environment hazards.

When:   Monday November 27. Immediately after a 6:30 a.m. prayer service at Immaculate Conception Church in Maloy IA., we will proceed to the site.

Where: The town of Maloy is located in S.W. Ringo Co. approximately 28 miles south of Creston IA. The location of the Iowa Select Farms Hog Facility is approximately one mile west of  Maloy on Co. Road J 43.

Who: An ad hoc group convene by the Strangers and Guest Catholic Worker Community of Maloy proposed the time and place for this direct action. Participants will include local, rural and small town dwellers and clergy people, along with others who share their alarm about the ramped proliferation of these large scale hog facilities, who face similar threats and  are concern about both the economic impact and the risk of environmental disaster.

Participants and support people will gather in Maloy, Sunday Nov. 26th,  at 3:00 p.m. for non violent training and to finalize details for the direct action planned on Monday.

For more information contact:

Betsy Keenan (515) 785-2321


Above  is text of News Release for MondayÕs Protest in


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