June 1995 v.p. Update on Fr. Frank p. 7

June 1995 v.p. Update on Fr. Frank p. 7


By Frank Cordaro

It’s great to be free!  I completed my six-month prison sentence on April 28th and returned to Council Bluffs and the good people of St. Patrick’s Parish.  As soon as I returned to St. Patrick’s I was asked to accept a new assignment in the Diocese.  This summer I will begin as pastor of the Catholic communities in Lacona, Milo and Rosemount, IA, three small rural communities forty-five miles southeast of Des Moines.

It looks like this will be an ideal assignment for me.  I will be doing the rural parish pastoring which I enjoyed so much while I was in Logan, IA.  At the same time, I am taking advantage of the proximity to Des Moines, being close to my family and the DMCW community.  It is my hope to take a more active part in the Des Moines Catholic Worker Community.

I am not carrying any “BOP paper” with me, which means I have no probation obligations with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  However, I am carrying some “Church papers”, so to speak.

My Bishop and our Diocesan Priest Personnel Board have asked me to agree not to “cross the line” at Offutt for three years.  They want to ensure that I will not be taken away from my new parish assignment for a six month prison sentence for the next three years.  This obligation does not preclude my continued organizing and legal witness at Offutt, nor does it restrict my participation in other resistance efforts.

I agreed with their request. What the U.S. Government could not get from me the Church now claims – a three year probation period from crossing the line at Offutt.  I, in turn, have asked the Bishop and the Personnel Board to take my Resistance Ways and Works seriously.  I asked them to accept the fact that I intend to continue in this important ministry and witness and asked them to factor this into their consideration about my future work in the diocese.

They assured me that they have taken my concerns seriously and that they fully expect me to continue my involvement with the Resistance Church and the unique, direct work for peace and justice I have developed over the years.  This is all good news to me.

My new assignment will begin on June 22nd and my new address and phone number are:

Holy Trinity of SE Warren Co.

P.O.Box 145, Lacona, IA 50139

(515) 534-4601



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