1991 Feb 17 – 1st Sun Lent (Bulletin Letters)

1991 Feb 17 –  1st Sun Lent (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle B –

Gn 9, 8-15

1 Pt 3, 18 – 22

Mk 1, 12-15


Dear friends;


The story of Noah’s Ark is well known. God had grown angry with the human race. People were living their life’s in sin with no regard for God. To remedy the situation God decided to destroy all living creatures in a great flood. Before the flood, God choose to spare Noah and his family. God gave Noah the task of building a great Ark, large enough to hold a male and female representative of all living creatures on the earth.

Noah did as God instructed him to do. When the Ark was finally built a male and female representative of all living creatures came and boarded the Ark. As soon as all the animals and Noah’s family were in the Ark  a great rain storm came and the flood waters began to rise. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights until the flood waters covered the whole earth and destroyed all living creatures. The flood lasted another 190 days. When it was finally over, Noah, his family and all the animals in the Ark were set free. They were given the task of starting the world all over again.

It wasn’t long before Noah and his descendents were living lives much the same way people lived their lives before the great flood, in sin and with no regard for God. Yet, God did not use his powers to destroy the human race. God learned something from his dealings with Noah. God promised Noah he would never again destroy the world in anger through the waters of a flood. No matter what people did that was displeasing to him, God will not destroy them out of anger. God made the rainbow the sign of this pledge to humanity and so far God has stuck to his Word.


In this weeks drawing on the left we see a beautiful landscape with a rainbow streaking across the sky. It is meant to be a sign of God’s covenant with Noah. But there is something dreadfully wrong with the picture. There is a missile at one end of the rainbow about to strike the earth.


We live in a critical and dangerous moment for the human race. Our technology has given us the destructive powers to destroy all living things on the planet. We are in a demonic sense, now equals to our creator, with the mechanisms for our own destruction in place.


Now more than ever, we Christians need to take our bible stories seriously. We must put our faith in the all loving, all forgiving non-violent Jesus we find in our Gospel. We must make the concerns of Jesus for the poor and the oppressed our concerns. We should hunger and thirst for justice, just as Jesus did when he walked the earth. We will need to actively live out our role of peacemakers in our war torn world.


It should be clear to all that the cosmic struggle between good and evil that Jesus was up against during his live time is still very much with us today. Only now we human beings are living in an age with we can bring about our own destruction. We now can author our own END. This is a new and wicked level of evil in which Jesus and his followers must confront. It makes Jesus’s directive to live lives of radical love all the more urgent and imperative



  1. FRANK PLEAS INNOCENT, TRIAL DATE SET: Things went as planed in court this Friday. My 12 other co-defendents plead ‘no contest’ and were given fines. I plead innocent and was given an April 1 trial date. Sometime between now and the April 1st court date, Terry Salerno, my attorney, will get me before a sympathetic judge. I will than plead ‘no contest’ and hope not to be given any jail time. I will keep you posted of any new developments.


BISHOP DINGMAN IN HOSPITAL: I was in Des Moines last Monday and visited Bishop Dingman in the hospital. The Bishop is suffering from a deep depression. The doctors have decided to give him electric shock treatments to help pull him out of the depression. This will be the third time the Bishop has had to resort to these drastic treatments because of his depressions. He is expected to be at Iowa Lutheran Hospital for several weeks at least. Please keep him in your prayers. Cards and words of support are most welcomed. His address is, Iowa  Lutheran Hospital; Penn and University Aves., Des Moines Ia. 50316.





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