1991 Feb 24 – 2nd Sun Lent (Bulletin Letters)

1991 Feb 24 – 2nd Sun Lent (Bulletin Letters)



FRANK’S FIVE DAY ROAD TRIP: Starting on Friday, March first I will be on a five day speaking tour in Eastern Iowa.

IT BEGAN: Several months ago I was contacted by Mark Hallenn, a drama professor at the University of Iowa. Mark wrote a play called RIVERS AND RAVINES. Its about the rural crisis of the mid 1980’s. The University of Iowa is producing the play this term . Mark is the director,

As a motivation for the cast, Mark had them view the video ENDING THE SILENCE. Its the documentary video we put together on the Feb. 1987 Farm Sale Protest in Harlin Iowa. Mark and his cast liked the video so much they asked me to be on a four person panel for a symposium they were having on the Rural Crisis. The symposium is on Sat. night March 2nd right before the production of the play.

I gratefully accepted the invitation and got Fr. Bud Grant to cover my weekend masses.

WHY NOT DO AN ANTI-WAR SPEAKING TOUR?: I than called friends in Dubuque and in Ia. City to see if there might be any interest in their communities for me to speak against the war on the same weekend.

Karla Braig  in Dubuque lined up a talk for me at Loras College for Friday March 1. I will be speaking to the students who are going to Wash. D.C. over Spring break for their annual Holy Week experience. These students will be working with the homeless with the Community for Creative Non Violence along with protesting at the Pentagon with the people from Jonah House and the Atlantic Life Community.

Than Rusty Martin from Ia. City lined up three speaking engagements in three different cities. The first in Ia. City at the Congregational Church on Sunday March 3rd at 8 p.m.. It is being sponsored by the United Campus Ministries.

The second is in Cedar Rapids at Mount Mercy College on Monday March 4th at 8 p.m.. It is being sponsored by the Campus Ministry Office.

The third is in Cedar Falls at the University of Northern Iowa on Tuesday March 5th at 8 p.m. It is being sponsored by the Students For Peace organization.


A RECRUITING TRIP FOR WEST DES MOINES PROTEST: I plan to use the trip to recruit people for a non violent direct action at the Military Processing Center in West Des Moines on Monday March 18. We will be protesting the War in the Middle East

I’m planing on participating in this witness. It will probably result in my getting arrested again. The charge should be a minor one with little chance of my being sent to jail. Nor should any of my recent arrest and convictions in Omaha have any bearing on the charges I’m likely to receive in West Des Moines.

As always, I will keep you posted. Hopefully , by March 18 the bombing and Killing will have stopped  and serious peace talks are underway for the whole region. Regardless, I’m sure our planed effort in West Des Moines will be needed.






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