1991 Jan 12 – Bap of Jesus Ord (Bulletin Letters)

1991 Jan 12 –  Bap of Jesus Ord (Bulletin Letters)


Pastoral Writings

90 01 13


St. Anne’s Parish Council this week voted to have a Rosary and Prayer Service for peace this Sunday at 7:00 PM at St. Anne’s Church. These are difficult times for the world. We are on the verge of going to war in the Middle East, thousands of U.S. military personnel are in harms way, tens of thousands of Kuwaiti and Iraqi people risk being killed in the first days of fighting in a war that promises to spread throughout the whole Middle East region. Please join us at St. Anne’s on Sunday night to pray that war be averted and a more lasting peace and just settlement be found for the region.




I took my attorney’s advice and plead innocent on Friday in City Court in Omaha and was given a February 11th trial date. Terry Salerno, my attorney and member of St. Anne’s Parish, volunteered to represent me and my co-defendants in court this past Friday. Terry advised me to plead innocent because Judge Vondrasic, the judge we were appearing before is very unpredictable. Terry thought it would be best to plead innocent and arrange a ‘no contest’ lead before a more favorable judge. The first three of us took Terry’s advice and plead innocent. The fourth person before the judge was Doris Chandler of Falls City, Nebraska.  Doris is 69 years old and she decided to plead guilty. She told the judge that she was not going to deny that she was in the recruiting office. Before the judge passed sentence on her, she gave a short and passionate plea for peace. Seemingly unmoved, Judge Vondrasic gave her a fine of $25 plus court costs. Next before the judge was Marilyn Felion. Marilyn is a seasoned veteran to peace protest, having been before the court before and given jail time for a S.A.C. protest and a sit-in at the Chancery. Marilyn plead ‘no contest’ and gave a short and respectful plea for peace before sentencing. Judge Vondrasic commended her on her work with the poor and the homeless at the Dorothy Day Center in Omaha and gave her one year’s probation and a 30-hour community service requirement, which was credited to her for work already per-formed at Dorothy Day Center.

This was the signal to all the rest of my co-defendants and they all plead ‘no contest’ and were given similar light sentences. When the three of us who plead innocent tried to change our pleas to ‘no contest’, we were told that we would need to do so on another day.

So, the three of us will need to return to court and plead ‘no contest’. Terry is confident that our sentences will be similar to the sentences meted out by Judge Vondrasic.


Pastoral  Writings


90 01 13 – IF WAR BREAKS OUT: The day war breaks, Peace groups in Omaha are planning to go to the Federal building in Omaha and protest. Some will be doing civil disobedience. If possible, plan to be there and risk arrest. I am sure no one welcomes the possibility of war in the Middle East. If war should come, all must follow their own consciences and do what they must for the good of the country and the world. Having just completed a six-month jail sentence, I do not relish the thought of returning to jail any time soon. But, once we enter fighting a war, I cannot make any promises that I will not risk imprisonment again. I am serving notice now, should war break out I will join with many others to try to stop the fighting, killing and destruction through protest and nonviolent civil disobedience and resistance.






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