1992 Jan 12 – Baptism of the Lord (Bulletin Letters)

1992 Jan 12 – Baptism of the Lord (Bulletin Letters)


Dear Friends,


As I informed you at last weekend’s Masses, Bishop Bullock wrote me a letter informing me of his decision to keep me at St. Anne’s and Holy Family parishes. This, despite the seven-year diocesan tenure policy for pastors. It was not the decision I was expecting; nor, I’m sure, was it the decision many of you expected.

I have asked to meet in person with the Bishop to discuss his decision. If the Bishop’s decision stands, some important adjustments, as well as a

re-examination of expectations, will need to be made.

The first person who will have to make adjustments, and  re-examination of expectations, will be me. I want to apologize to you for the personal distancing that I have been doing over the last few months.

It’s called “closure”.  Comings and goings are never easy for me. Expecting to be moved this year, I have been personally disengaging myself from you, and from my ministry here. I am sorry. It was premature, and, in light of the Bishops decision, the wrong thing to be doing.

I wish to recommit myself to you as your pastor. This has been a great place for me and my priesthood. I have grown in many areas of my personal and priestly life here. I have also come to love you very much. I am convinced St. Anne’s and Holy Family parishes can continue to be a good place for me and my ministry. I believe with a recommitment to each other, we can continue to grow with, and in, the Lord as a Catholic Faith community. It is my sincere hope and prayer that you would say the same.

I would like to see a joint process set up in both parishes so that we can renegotiate my pastoral presence. My on-going resistance activities pose unique challenges for the life of our parishes. It now seems that we can not expect the Bishop to solve these concerns for us. We will have to do it ourselves.

I firmly believe we can come to a mutual understanding in this area. I am sure with some adjustments, and agreed upon expectations, your legitimate pastoral needs can be met along with my need to continue my resistance ways.

For right now, let’s keep each other in our prayers. I have yet to see the Bishop to get a clearer understanding of his decision. In the providence of God, and with the probing of the Holy Spirit, good things will come of this decision for all of us; you, me and the Bishop.



I made a couple of phone calls to Bellevue Police Chief Hines Smith this past week, and was able to get the December 28th, Bellevue charges against me dropped. Apparently, the Chief took off for his Christmas vacation without leaving word to his staff that our December 28th demonstration was cleared with him . I knew I could beat these charges.

Still no indictments from SAC and the Federal District Attorney for my violation December 28th, of previous “Ban and Bar” letters. Past indictments for “Ban and Bar” violations have taken up to two months to be filed. The Wheels of Justice (sic) in the Federal system move slowly. I will keep you posted.



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