1992 May 13 – Beg Letter (Bulletin Letters)

1992 May 13 – Beg Letter (Bulletin Letters)


Dear friends and supporters;

If you’ve received this note, then you have received the first of my “Prison Letters and Reflections”. This being my third six-month jail term since my coming to Harrison Co. Kathryn Epperson and I have learned a few things about how to do ‘jail’ time. Kathryn was my Support Person the last two times. She now has the use of my computer to help her with these mailings. Kathryn also had the foresight to instruct me to write this “BEG LETTER” before I went to trial.

I plan to write a bi-weekly letter to the people of St. Anne’s and Holy Family parishes until July. After July, I’ll no longer be their Pastor. I’ve been reassigned to St. Pat’s in Council Bluffs. It was a great surprise to us all. It has forced me to do closure with my parishes in five days. No easy task.

Along with writing of my jail journey, I’ll probably use some of my May and June letters to continue saying ‘good-by’ to the good folks of St. Anne’s and Holy Family parishes.  I’ll continue to write reflections from jail after July. We are hoping to have six major mailings in all.

While in jail, I will not be drawing a salary. My expenses and up keep in jail and our monthly mailings will need to be paid for through donations. I hope this will be the only time that we will need to ask for your financial help. Please be generous in your giving. Checks can be made out to me personally and sent to St. Anne’s.

More than your cash, I ask for your continued prayers and support. Doing jail time is never an easy experience. My last six months in captivity was rough on me. I hope to do this ‘time’ much better.  I have often said, “One should never go to jail alone, always bring a crowd.” Well, you are my ‘crowd’ and my monthly mailings will be my link to you. While I’m locked up please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. And if I need your help, please respond quickly.

From somewhere in the Wastelands of the Fed. Bureau of Prisons System;

Fr. Frank Cordaro

Fr. Frank’s Support Person:

Kathryn Epperson

P.O. Box 142, Logan Ia. 51546

ph: h.(712) 644-3367





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