1992 Nov 22 – Christ the King Sun (Bulletin Letters)


Dear Friends;

Praise the Lord! It’s good to be free. And better to be in Council Bluffs. I’ve only been in town a couple of days yet I am beginning to sense the great privilege it will be to serve the people of St. Patrick’s. I’m looking forward to the moments we will share in prayer, service and celebration, those sacred moments found in the every day Sacramental life of the local faith community.

Getting  moved in and settle is taking most of my energy right now. Its been quiet a cultural shock for me. I’m not only dealing with getting out of Prison Camp, I’m adjusting into a whole new town and ministry. It may take me a couple of weeks  (maybe a month!) to get my books, posters, pictures and nick nacks out of their boxes and into some order.  Please be patient with me.

I’ve asked my Mother, Angela to join me this weekend. I want to make a good impression on you and  thought I’d begin by introducing you to my best assess,  my Mom!

For those who might feel uncomfortable about coming to me as your priest because of my peace and social justice positions,  I wish to make it very clear that to the best of my ability I will treat all people equally, regardless of our differences in opinion. The work of a priest is always bigger and more important than any political disagreement me might have.  The Sacramental life we share in is both sacred and common at the same time. Sacred because it has everything to do with what is holy. Common because  it is meant for all people.




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