1990 April 22 – 2nd Sun Easter (Bulletin Letters)

1990 April 22 – 2nd Sun Easter (Bulletin Letters)

2nd Sun of Easter – Cycle A

Dear Friends:


Poor St. Thomas. He will forever be remembered as doubting Thomas because of today’s story from John’s Gospel. John used this story for a particular problem of his era. John was the last to write his Gospel, around 90 to 100 A.D. By that time most of the eyewitnesses of Jesus’ ministry had died. Soon there would be no people with living memories of Jesus, alive. This story about Thomas helped the early Church bridge the gap between the living eyewitnesses of Jesus’ life and a completely faith based witness to the Risen Lord.

90 04 22 Resistance

THIS IS NOT AT ALL AN EASY THING TO BE DOING: As the date of my trial quickly approaches I’m beginning to feel the pain of possible separation from you again. True, anything can happen at my trial. I will have an entirely new judge.  I will be represented by an attorney who is wise to our resistance ways. We plan to use a ‘necessity defense’. However, such defenses have been tried before with little or no effect. If I am found guilty, we should expect the full six months’ prison sentence, which is what I received last time for the same charge.

I want you to know none of this is coming easy for me. In some ways, the prospect of being back in jail and separated from you again is much more difficult this time. This is our fifth year together. We all have shared history. I’ve been with many of you during some of your best times and most painful times. These days I look out into the congregations on weekends and I know most everyone in attendance. For some of the kids in our CCD programs I’m the only priest they have ever known. The last few months I have been preaching without a prepared text. This freedom from a written text has given me more reason to speak from my heart. It feels good to look out into the congregation and see people I really love and care a great deal for. I dread the thought of leaving you again to go to prison. The absolute worst time for me the last time I was in jail was missing Catherine Fagan and Brian Diggin’s funerals. I wanted so much to be with their families. I can only pray I’m not caught in the same predicament again.

I want you to know I do not risk our separation lightly For better or worse I am your pastor.  For me it has been mostly for the better. I feel a unique and special bond with you. I knew when I crossed the line in December I would be asking you to make another sacrifice that you did not freely choose. Only the most basic and essential personal faith obligation brings me to thrust this upon you again. I strongly believe that the mission of SAC and the policies and nuclear hardware under S.A.C.’s command represent the gravest danger and evil for our nation. It must be non-violently confronted and exposed. This is the truth, as I know it and I must be faithful to this truth or I wouldn’t be much of a priest at all. After five years together, I know that none of you want to see me go to jail, most of you do not believe my efforts at S.A.C. are worth the risk of separation. Yet I so sense that most of you affirm and support me in my standing up for what I believe. Come the day of the trial I hope to witness to a future world where nuclear weapons and wars are no longer with us and peace with justice is afforded all peoples of the earth. It is a vision I can’t see as yet but one I believe in nonetheless. “Blest are they who have not seen and have believed.” John 20/29. With a humble and grateful heart, I continue to ask for your personal support and prayers.




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