1990 Feb 25 – 8th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1990 Feb 25 – 8th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

Dear Friends:

90 02 25 Road Trip

PHOENIX BOUND: As you read this weeks bulletin I should be safely in Phoenix, Arizona to give the keynote address at the Diocese of Phoenix’s Statewide Young Adult Conference, “The Gospel Challenge of the 90’s – JUST LIVE IT!” The above story appeared in the Phoenix Diocesan newspaper and the enclosed insert was part of a flyer sent out about the conference. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for some time. I’m taking a few extra days to spend some time in the Phoenix area to visit relatives and enjoy the warmer climate. I’ll be back late Monday night.

HOUSE GUEST: Rich Koeppen from St. Anthony’s Shelter will be spending a few days with me at the Rectory. Rich is in need of some R&R and I am happy to offer him the space.  Besides, he is a much better cook than I!

90 02 25

ASH WEDNSDAY: Lent starts this week with the observance of Ash Wednesday. I urge you all to make every effort to attend Ash Wednesday services. Lent is the preparatory season for Easter, the most important feast in the whole Church calendar. The measure of our Easter celebration depends on how well we observe the Lenten season. Make the best of this years Lenten observances to insure the holiest of Easter celebrations.

90 02 25 – Angela Cordaro


bringing all the secret Italian ingredients from Des Moines to make a great Italian Pasta dinner for the St. Anne’s fund raiser March 4th between noon and 4:00 p.m. She’s making enough for 200 people. There will be no reservations, first come first served. Don’t miss out! With the first $l,000 raised between the meal and the yard sale I’ve promised to shave my beard. Make sure to be on hand when Fr. Frank takes it all off and reveals his true self.




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