1990 Feb 4 – 5th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1990 Feb 4 – 5th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

5th sun Ord Time Cycle A

Mt 5, 38 – 48

Dear Friends:


In the last couple of years, three challenging documents have been issued by Third World Christians to First world churches called Kairos statements. The most recent document, THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS: KAIROS AND CONVERSION was signed by Christians from El Salvador, Guatemala, Korea, Namibia, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and South Africa. Kairos is a Greek word, which means time. It signifies a decisive moment of truth or time of decision in which God’s Spirit requires us to act. In a Kairos moment, the integrity of our faith is at stake.

These Third World Kairos statements challenge the First World Churches to discern the decisive faith moment in which we live and to act.  From a Third World perspective, a second Reformation is taking place, but not along theological or denominational lines. It is a Reformation based on the Good News to the poor.  With 2/3rds of the human family living in substandard conditions while the remaining 1/3 live in relative luxury and beyond their needs, the measure of true faithfulness is now tied to the struggle for economic security and political freedom for the poor. Tolerating anything less is to act in bad faith.

This week’s scripture readings seem to support the spirit of these Kairos statements. In our first reading the Prophet Isaiah challenges people to “share your bread with the hungry, shelter the oppressed and the homeless, clothe the naked…then your light shall break forth like the dawn.” Isaiah is telling us what our Third World brothers and sisters are saying. The measurement of ones favor with God is tied to how well the poor are treated. In today’s gospel reading from Matthew, Jesus calls for us to be the “salt of the earth” and “the light to the world” .As lights to the world, we are to make known the ways of God. This week’s first reading and last week’s gospel, with the Beatitudes, make it clear, in God’s way; the poor and the weak are favored. As salt of the earth, we are to be the “change agents” in the world to bring about the ways of God.


90 02 04 Resistance

FRANK’S TRIAL DATE – MONDAY, MARCH 26th: In our court appearance last Friday, both Fr. Jack McCaslin and Matthew pled no contest and were sentenced by Judge Kopf. Matthew was given probation because it was his first time before the Judge. Fr. Jack got a 30-day sentence. This was Fr.

Jacks’ 3rd time before the Judge. Judge Kopf said he normally would sentence a three-time repeater to six months in jail but since Fr. Jack has never served any jail time and that he has a health problem.  Fr. Jack was able to delay the actual serving of his sentence until after April 2nd so he could be on hand for Confirmation in his two rural parishes.

I pled innocent and asked to be tried before a District Judge. My trial date is set for Monday,

March 26th. From all indications, I have received, we should plan on my getting the full six months sentence.  A letter has been sent to Bishop Bullock requesting a meeting between him and representatives from St. Anne’s and Holy Family parishes as soon as possible to plan for what happens after I ‘m imprisoned. I will keep you posted of any developments.




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