1992 April 19 – Easter (Bulletin Letters)

1992 April 19 – Easter (Bulletin Letters)

Dear friends,



The experience of the Resurrection is the single most significant event in all of history. It is the turning point for all of creation towards God.  Yet, for all these claims, it is the experience of grace felt in the heart of each and every Christian that makes Jesus’ Easter claims believable. Blessed Easter to you all!

THANK YOU’S – I want to thank all who helped with the services this past week. The heart and soul of any parish community is the weekly liturgy, and our Holy Week liturgies are the most important services of the whole year. Thanks to all who helped make these services special and holy!

A big “thank you” to all the members of our Liturgy Committees for their fine efforts this week, and all year round. They are on the most important committee of the parish, They have served us well!

A special thank you to Loene and Jim Herman and to Mitch Siegel. Loene and Jim prepared the food for our Holy Family “Seder” meal and Mitch lead us through the Seder service.

  1. ANNE’S PARISH-WIDE MEETING Next Sunday, after the 8:30 a.m. Mass, the St. Anne’s Parish Council is hosting a parish-wide meeting to discuss any of your concerns for the future of the parish. Among the things we hope to discuss are the parish’s Pastoral Plan for when I go to jail, the hiring of Dolores Klein as a part time Pastoral Assistant and what happens when I return from jail. There are also major maintenance and capital improvement issues that need to be addressed.

Because I will need to be in Mondamin for the 10:30 a.m. Mass at Holy Family, I will be leaving the meeting early. The Parish Council and I thought that my leaving the meeting early might be a good thing. It will give you and the Parish Council a chance to discuss issues among yourselves without my presence or input. My absence from the second half of the meeting should serve to remind you that the success and future of St. Anne’s does not depend upon your priest! It depends upon you!

With Sr. Therese leaving, there will no longer be a Harrison County Resource Person.  The hiring of Dolores Klein, together with the likelihood of my going to jail for six months, will find the parish  entering  a new chapter of it’s life.  The success or failure of this new phase will have much to do with the attitude and spirit the people bring to the effort. Hopefully, the parish-wide meeting will bring us together with some common hopes and expectations. Please make every effort to participate next Sunday.


BISHOP CHARLES BUSWELL TO BE WITH US MAY 9TH AND 10TH – Bishop Charles Buswell, the retired Bishop of Pueblo, Colorado, will be with us May 9th and 10th.  Bishop Buswell will be in the area for the May 10th “Bishop Dingman Memorial Line Crossing”. He was a close and dear friend of Bishop Dingman. He will be the main celebrant and homilist at the May 10th, 3:00 p.m. Mass at Holy Rosary Parish in Glenwood, Iowa, and will join others in “crossing the line” at SAC.  Bishop Buswell will be staying with me at the rectory, and he will be joining us for our Mother’s Day Masses.




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