1989 Jan 22 – 3rd Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1989 Jan 22 – 3rd Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle C

Lk 1, 1 – 4; 4, 14 – 21

Dear Friends;

“BEGINNINGS ARE SUCH FUN”DOROTHY DAY: In this weeks gospel we have two beginnings.  The Gospel text begins with the first four verses in Chapter one.  Luke is telling us the reason he is writing his gospel. It was getting late in the century.  Most of the original disciples were dead.  Many had undertaken to “compile a narrative” of the events of Jesus’ life as were transmitted by “original eye witnesses and ministers of the Word.”  Luke intends to do the same.

Luke is the only Gospel with a formal preface.  He alone addresses his wr1tings to an individual, Theophilus. Nothing is known about Theophilus except that he is a man of faith. Luke wrote his Gospel to support Theophilus in the faith he already had.  Faith is the one thing we have in common with the unknown Theophilus. Faith is the only thing that matters to the followers of Christ. What Luke wrote for Theophilus was written for us all.  The Gospels were written in Faith for people of Faith.

We pick up the second beginning in Chapter four. In the spirit, Jesus was baptized and led into the desert to be tempted. In this week’s text, filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus reveals his true mission.  The setting:  Jesus’ hometown synagogue and worshipping community. Jesus stands to read the scriptures. Someone hands him the book of Isaiah.  He opens the scroll and reads one of Isaiah’s most famous texts. Originally, this text was meant to give hope to the Babylonian exiles awaiting the return to Jerusalem. By Jesus time it took on the expectations of the Messiah to come. Jesus reads the text in the present tense as if in the first person.  “The Spirit Of the Lord is upon me. Anointed I bring good news to the poor, liberty to the slaves, sight to the blind and freedom to the prisoners. I declare this the year of the Lord.” He rolled up the scroll, sat down and told everyone what Isaiah wrote then was now being done in their midst.

Jesus’ self-knowledge was complete. He knew his calling and mission in life. He reveals this truth to the people who know him the best. Next week we find out how well Jesus’ self revelation is received by his friends and neighbors.


ADULT ED TOPICS SELECTED: Last weeks survey of topics for the Lenten Adult education programs has been tabulated. There were 102 responses returned. These were the top four vote getters:” Conscience.. rights and wrongs, who decides?” 62 responses. ‘”Faith, what do we believe in?” 54 responses.  “Reconciliation and Penance”, 44 responses and “Sin..whatever happened to sin?” 42 responses.

There will be four Adult Classes on Wednesday nights during Lent starting at 7:30 p.m. running for an hour and a half each.  The first session will be on February 15th”Sin. .whatever happened to sin?” followed on March 1st with “Conscience..rights and wrongs, who decides?” March 8 with “Reconciliation and Penance” and March 15th with ”Faith, what do we believe in?”  St. Therese and I will be team teaching the sessions, so mark these dates on your calendar and make sure you are there.

89 01 22 – Road Trip FR. FRANK ON VACATION: I begin my vacation this Sunday. I will spend the first night in Iowa City with friends. I’ll take a couple of days to get to Washington, D.C.  While in D.C., I will be staying with Chris Wainwright for two nights. Then the next two days in Baltimore, Mary1and, with friends at Viva Catholic Worker and Jonah House.   Then it’s up to New York City for the weekend. I will be staying with my Aunt Mary in Manhattan. I hope to visit friends at the New York City Catholic Worker and Gloria Williams, the woman who helped put our farm video together. From NYC I plan to head back by way of Erie, Pa. and spend a few days with my brother, Tom and his family.  Tommy is now working with the national office of Pax Christi. Then it’s back to Iowa in time for the weekend masses, February 4th & 5th. Fr. Bud Grant will be covering the masses while I’m gone. If you have need of a priest call Fr. Jim Kiernan or Fr. Fred Reischl. Keep me in your prayers and your fingers crossed!  I’m taking my little Escort station wagon with its 107,000-mile track record.




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