1989 Jan 29 – 4th Sun Ord Tim (Bulletin Letters)

1989 Jan 29 – 4th Sun Ord Tim (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle C

Lk 4, 21 -30

Dear Friends;


The Good News Jesus had to give in this week’s Gospel was not well received by his friends and neighbors in Nazareth.  Lucky for Jesus, he had a knack of disappearing in an angry crowd or they would have killed him.  Prophets are rarely appreciated by their own people in their own times.  It was true for Jesus.  It is true today.

Last year was a law-abiding year for me.  I did not break the law once in 1988.  My inner sense tells me 1989 will not be so law abiding.  It’s been four months since my release from Marion Prison Camp.  Time enough to re-enter the County and get back into the swing of things.  A lot has changed in the County in a year’s time.  Both Msgr. Paul and Fr. Tom were moved and Fr. Fred and Fr. Jim have taken their places.  People in Dunlap, Woodbine and Missouri Valley seem to be very happy with the changes and this is a good thing.  The Bishop had a hand in the process plus Fr. Fred and Fr. Jim are two of the best priests we have in the diocese.  There were many considerations involved in the decisions leading up to the changes.  All was done with the best intentions.

Still, one obvious casualty with the changes has been the Team ministry.  I was first attracted to Harrison County because of the Team concept of ministry.  I knew I needed to be in a setting that allowed for resistance work.  The Team in Harrison County invited me to join them.  They knew my past and the direction I was moving.  They accepted me for who I was.  They made room for me to grow in my pastoral duties and to continue my resistance witness.  I am not sure those same conditions exist today in Harrison County.  As it stands I know resistance work will continue to be a part of my Faith life.  I am now trying to discern what that will mean for me and my ministry here.  I turn to you for your counsel.  You know I have welcomed such input in the past, especially from the people who disagree with me.  I will listen to each and every one of you and I will pray over your message.

As you read this I will be in the middle of my vacation.  I will be using this time away from the parishes to pray and reflect on this concern.  I look forward to hearing from you on my return.  There is no rush right now.  I have nothing planned in the near future.  I just want to let you know what is going on inside your pastor.





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