1989 March 5 – 4th Sun Lent (Bulletin Letters)

1989 March 5 –  4th Sun Lent (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle C

Lk 15, 1 – 3. 11 – 32

Dear Friends;


YOU CAN’T EARN IT, YOU CAN’T LOSE IT, YOU CAN ONLY TURN YOUR BACK ON IT. : Today’s Gospel story from Luke is commonly known as the story of the Prodigal Son. It is unfortunate the emphasis has been given to the younger son because the main theme is often missed. The central theme of this parable is the unconditional love of the Father.   In telling the story, Jesus is giving us an insight into how God works. The Sons, one wayward and the other loyal, represent two extreme behaviors but both make the same mistake. In each case the sons did not understand the nature of their relationship to their Father. Both sons believed their relationship to their father was defined by their inheritance. Because he squandered his share, the younger son believed he had lost his father’s love. Because he stayed loyal to the demands of the estate, the older son believed he had earned his father’ s love.  In this parable the Father’s love cannot be earned or lost.   It is given unconditionally.  In telling this parable, Jesus was giving us an insight into the central mystery of revelation that God loves us unconditionally. Proof of this love is found in Jesus.  When it comes to God’s love you can’t earn it.  You can’t lose it; you can only turn your back on it.


89 03 05 Pastorial

PRIVATE CONFESSIONS AND COMMUNAL PENANCE SERVICES: Starting next Sunday the County will be having scheduled Communal Penance Services in each of the five parishes. For the next two Saturdays I will be having private Confessions at St. Anne’s and Holy Family. (Check the dateline on the back of this letter for times and places.) When was the last time you availed yourself to the Sacrament of Reconciliation? This is a sacrament that has come into much disuse in recent years. It’s too bad because our need or reconciliation has never been greater. Please take the time to attend one of the services. Make it part of your Lenten journey. All of us can benefit from the Graces received in this sacrament.




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