1988 Feb 7 – 5th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1988 Feb 7 – 5th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle B 5th Sun Ord Time – 88

1 Cor 9, 16 – 19. 22 – 23

Dear Friends;

” I have made myself all things to all people.'” l Cor. St. Paul is certainly an enigma. In today’s text from I Cor. he says he has “no choice” and will be ruined if he doesn’t preach the Gospel. Willingly or unwillingly he has his charge. Yet, he is rewarded in his call and is offering the Gospel to all free of charge. So sure of the gospel is Paul, that he is willing to become all things to all people to reach as many as he can with the message.

What sort of man is both not free and free at the same time? Who becomes all things to all people, yet knows himself? St. Paul was just this kind of man. When he came face to face with Jesus on the road to Damascus his whole life radically changed. From his excluding Pharisees’ roots, St. Paul became the all-inclusive Apostle to the gentiles.  So sure in Christ was Paul that he is willing to let go of all his cultural, religious and social biases to be a bearer of the Good News.

How sure are we of our own faith to let go of the cultural, religious and social trappings that separate us from the peoples of differing cultures and societies? This is probably the major challenge facing the universal church today.

PROJECT HOPE: This past week has been Catholic Schools Week n the Diocese. Bishop Bullock has asked us to take a second collection after communion for Project Hope.  Project Hope provides financial assistance to children wishing to attend a Catholic grade school in our

Diocese. Even though we do not have a Catholic grade school of our own, we would do well to support those who wish to attend a Catholic school and cannot afford to. This fund helps make that possible for children throughout the Diocese. So please be generous in your giving.

Still no word from the District Attorney on an indictment. Will keep you posted.




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