1988 Jan 3 – Epiphany (Bulletin Letters)

1988 Jan 3 – Epiphany (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle B Epiphany – 88

Mt 2, 1 – 12

Dear Friends;

EPIPHANY / GOD MADE VISIBLE: We all know the story of the three Kings, how they followed the Star to Bethlehem and found the Christ Child. Most or our Christmas Crib sets include the Kings as standard items along with the sheep, cows and shepherds. The Kings represent the peoples of the world. They came asking, “Where is the newborn King of Jews?” and with the help of King Herod were led to the Christ.  Epiphanies are moments in time and space when God is made visible. These divine manifestations often cut two ways. For the three Kings when their long journey led them to the Christ, they were overjoyed.  They did Jesus homage and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Herod, on the other hand, had a completely different reaction.  Not getting the detailed information on the exact location of the Christ child, Herod sent his soldiers to Bethlehem to kill all the male chi1dren below the age of two. Jesus narrowly escapes death by fleeing his homeland and becoming a refugee and alien in the land of Egypt. This infant story from Matthew serves as a preview of things to come in the life of Jesus.  To search for God is one thing, to find God is another. I sometimes wonder how prepared we are to find the Christ child in our own lives in the world around us. And if and when we do find the Christ to what extent are we willing to put our own necks on the line to protect the Christ from the Herods of the world?

88 01 03

Eighteen Crossed The Line:

The feast of the Holy Innocent witness at SAC went as planned. After the three-day retreat, seventeen others and I crossed the line at SAC and received “Ban & Bar” letters from the base-commander. Fourteen of us are repeaters. We expect indictments to come within the month. I will keep you posted as things develop.


Fr. Frank Cordaro


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