1987 Sept 13 – 24th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1987 Sept 13 – 24th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

Dear Friends;

WILL WE HEAR THE MESSAGE?  With the Pope ‘s visit to the USA this week we have been bombarded with news coverage of his visit. Radio, t. v. and newspapers have kept the Pope’s visit on the front pages and lead news reports for days. We have heard a litany of stories over and over again, how much money will be spent, how many people are expected to attend the Masses, how tight the security will be, what are the issues confronting the Pope in the USA and who will be demonstrating when he arrives. In all of this hoopla I wonder if the Pope’s central message of Christ’s love will ever get through the media blitz?  I write this having myself participated in the making of this hoopla. (Catch the 5pm. channel.3 news on T.V. this Wednesday.) Let us pray that on this pastoral visit by Pope John Paul II to our country, the works of God’ s Kingdom on earth will be furthered despite our many distractions.


87 09 13 – 24th Sun Ord Time

Cycle A 24th Sun Ord Time – 87

Mt 18, 21 – 35

“LORD, WHEN MY BROTHER WRONGS ME, HOW OFTEN MUST I FORGIVE HIM?” ‘Matthew 18/21 My friend, Fr. Bob Beck calls forgiveness love’s first name. I can think of nothing more important nor more difficult than the Gospel challenge to forgive. It is the heart of the Gospel message. The measurement of our acceptance of God’s forgiveness is how forgiving we are of others. I tremble inside at my own inadequacies in this regard. It will be a lifetime effort to measure up to the challenge. It would be impossible to accomplish but for the Grace of God. A hardened heart touched by God’s forgiveness is a wonder to behold.

87 09 13

MY VISIT WITH BISHOP DINGMAN: I made the trip to St. Paul, Iowa, to visit Bishop Dingman Sunday night after the Catholic Worker gathering. The Bishop is living with his sister, Louise, next door to the Catholic Church. It is a beautiful home, just right for the Bishop’s needs. He is still very much confined to bed. Since returning from St. Louis and the electric shock treatment, much of the pain that the Bishop was experiencing has subsided. I visited with him for almost an hour. His mind is clear and he is in good spirits. He tires easily. His care is exce11ent. Do keep him in your thoughts and prayers.



P.S. Please keep in your prayers Erin Booher, the infant daughter of Bob and Patty Booher and great niece of Catherine Armstrong.






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