1988 Nov 10 – 33rd Sun Ord (Bulletin Letters)

1988 Nov 10 – 33rd Sun Ord (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle B

Mk 13, 24 –

Dear Friends;

THE TWO-WEEK WARNING: There are two Sundays left in the Church year. Their themes are set. The last Sunday of the year is always Christ the King Sunday. The second to the last Sunday of the year always has an End of the World theme. This years End of the World text comes from the Book or Daniel and the 13th Chapter of Mark. The Book of Daniel and the 13th Chapter of Mark are part of the “Apocalyptic” writings in the Bible. Apocalyptic is a hard word to pronounce. The writings that fall into this category of scriptures are just as hard to understand. The most famous of the apocalyptic writings is the book of Revelation. Above are listed Fr. Bob Beck’s five tips when reading apocalyptic writings. This can help get you on the right track when reading this strange End Times Text.


88 11 13

RETREAT IN WISCONSIN: This weekend I will be in Wisconsin for a retreat with Faith based Peace and Justice people from all over the country. Put on by Fellowship of Reconciliation and Pax Christi USA, this yearly retreat is in its sixth year. It will be a time for prayer, reflection and Bible Study. Some of the foremost religious peacemakers in the country will be on hand.  We will be discerning the challenges of peace and justice for our times in light of the Gospels. It is an invite only retreat and I am grateful for the opportunity to attend. I am looking forward to visiting my brother, Tom, who will be attending also. Tommy is now working for the national office of Pax Christi in Erie, Pa.


MIKE PALECEK UNDERGROUND:  As some of you already know Mike Palecek was to be sentenced in Federal Court in Omaha last Friday on two counts of breaking a Ban and bar letter from SAC Headquarters. Mike did not show up at the sentencing and instead sought sanctuary at the Cathedral on Friday.  When Mike was denied sanctuary by the Archdiocese, he voluntarily left the Cathedral. His whereabouts are unknown. There are warrants out for his arrest. I attended the support Mass for Mike in Omaha on Thursday night and was with him when he sought sanctuary at the Cathedral.  I am disappointed at the Archdioceses response to Mike’s plea for sanctuary.

When will the institutional Church support people of conscience who take risks for peace in following the directives of the Bishops Peace pronouncements? The Church owes a lot to people like Mike who keep asking her to do the right thing. Keep Mike and his family in your prayers.

COMMUNITY THANKSGIVING SERVICES: Both Logan and Mondamin are having community Thanksgiving services on Sunday night November 20th at 1 p.m. In Logan the service will be at St. Anne’s and in Mondamin the service will be at the Methodist Church.  Please make every effort to attend. Such occasions are good opportunities to show our ecumenical and community spirit. An offering will be taken at each service for the Harrison County Food Pantry.  Canned foods and money are welcomed. The services at St. Anne’s will be Videotaped and shown on the Logan community cable channel 23 at 8:30 p.m., November 20th and 8: 30 p.m. on November 23rd, Thanksgiving Eve.

SPECIAL MASS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE LOST CHILDREN: There will be a special Mass in Missouri Valley at St. Patrick’ s Church Monday night at 7: 30 p.m. this coming week for families of miscarriages, stillborn or SIDS deaths. This is the second time we have had such a celebration. There is a real need to bring people together who have experienced this sort of loss. We urge all who have been touched by this kind of loss to join others in grieving and celebrating these children’s’ lives.

GOOD JOB “RED”:  A special word of thanks to “Red: & Rosie Brummer. It’s never easy to lose an election. Just want you to know your efforts are much appreciated. You may not have won the election but you have won the admiration of many for your fine efforts.  Thank you for caring enough to run for public office.  Such efforts are what help make this country a great place to live.


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