1988 Nov 6 – 32nd Sun Ord (Bulletin Letters)

1988 Nov 6 – 32nd Sun Ord (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle B

1 Kgs 17, 10 – 16

Mk 12, 38 – 44

Dear Friends,

THE WIDOWS MIGHT: Today’s text features two widows. Widows make frequent appearances throughout the bible. Along with the orphan and stranger they came to symbolize the most vulnerable segments in Israel’s society. It is not hard to see why this is so. In a male dominated culture, women found their place in society in relationship to men.  If there is no man in the picture there is no way to fit in. Without a man, a woman is without security. Throughout Israel’s history the prophets came to the defense of Widows. Every effort was to be made to provide for their basic needs. So important was this ethical demand that it became a measurement of Israel’s faithfulness to God.

Today’s featured widows turn the tables and show the strength they have in their practice of generosity.  In both accounts things are not what they appear.  The Canaanite widow’s flour jar and oil just appear to be empty yet they provide for the widow, her son and Elijah for over a year during the drought.  The poor widow who placed two small copper coins worth about a cent into the Temple collection box was judged the largest giver despite the more sizeable contributions of the rich.

How can this be? These widows gave all they had.  They held nothing back.  In God’ s eyes this unconditional generosity made the difference.  Would any of us do the same? If not, why not?

88 11 06

WORLD MISSION SUNDAY: I am late in getting this out to you. Attached to your bulletin is an envelope for this important project. I can’t think of a better set of readings from this weekend’ s masses to support this effort.  Please be generous. This is our national Church’s official collection for Missions outside our borders.

THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED WITH THE EIRON NEILL FUNERAL DINNER: all at Holy Family Parish did a good job for the Eiron Neill funeral dinner. This was a tragic event for the whole community. The funeral and funeral dinner were well attended.   Thanks to all who helped with the effort.

NOV. 20TH LOGAN COMMUNITY WIDE THANKSGIVING SERVICE ATST. ANNE’S: This years Logan Thanksgiving service will be hosted by St. Anne’s. The service will begin at 7P.M. Sunday, November 20th with coffee and cookies to follow. A free will offering will be taken up for the Harrison County Food Pantry. Canned foods and money are welcome

SPECIAL PRAYERS; Keep in your prayers young Dusty Jones, grandson of Dee and Francis Miller, who is sick with meningitis, Esta Jackson and Norma Benedict who are recovering from surgery.


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