1986 Aug 10 – 19th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1986 Aug 10 – 19th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

August 9, 1986

Dear Friends:

WHERE YOUR TREASURE LIES, THERE YOUR HEART WILL BE:  This week’s Gospel tells us to be prepared at anytime for our final accounting.  A crucial part of any accounting is to know exactly what is being asked of us.  I have visited with many a farmer over the last year who was suffering from the economic hard times.  Some are losing their farm equipment and land.  They often see themselves as failures.  I’ve spend a lot of hours sharing with these folks and suggesting to them their treasures lie in the marriages that have sustained them, the children they have raised and the faith that has meant so much.  Then seen in these terms, there are many rich folks in our rural communities.  Of course, the Gospel also says, “when much has been given a person, much will be required of them”.  In my eyes, that means we all owe something to this way of life out here and have something to give in the struggle to keep it alive.

GOVERNOR’S OFFICE VISITED:  About 30 folks entered the outer office of Governor Branstad’s offices at the State House in Des Moines Monday morning, August 4th.  After some negotiation with the security, we settled in for the rest of the day.  The purpose of our occupation was “to petition Governor Branstad not to send the Iowa National Guard troops to Central America.”  We intended to stay in the office in a non-violent and peaceful way until the Governor agreed not to send the Guard to Honduras.  The rest is history, so the saying goes.  Many of you saw us on TV or read about us in the paper the next day.  I was one of 13 people arrested at the end of the day and charged with trespassing.  I spent five hours in lockup and then was released.  Most of us plan to plead innocent and use the trial as an opportunity to educate people to the situation in Central America.  I was one of three ministers arrested that day.  I will keep you posted on the forthcoming trial and outcome.  Thanks for all your prayers and concern.

NEIL FAGAN’S LETTER: On the back of this letter is a copy of a letter to Governor Branstad from Fr. Neil Fagan. Neil was one of the people who visited Honduras this past month with four Iowa legislators in a fact-finding mission. Both Fr. Neil and Fr. Marty Chevalier, who also made the trip are interested in coming to Harrison County to share about their trip.  Hope to schedule them soon.

ONE DOWN, ONE TO GO:  St. Anne’s CCD summer week was a great success.  The theme of the week was God’s creation.  The high point of the week came on Friday at the outdoor mass.  The children all brought a living creature to be set free at the offertory.  The most popular animal was the frog.  This week’s pastor’s logo was the effort of Chris Myer.  Thanks, Chris.  I never looked so good.  One last note, the Friday afternoon unofficial, unauthorized water fight was won by Fr. Frank.  Sorry guys.  Better luck next year.  Next week in Mondamin.

Fr. Frank



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