1986 Dec 14 – 3rd Sun of Advent (Bulletin Letters)

1986 Dec 14 – 3rd Sun of Advent (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle A – 3rd Sun Advent – 86

Mt 11, 2-11


“ARE YOU ‘HE WHO IS TO COME’…?” Poor John the Baptist, all his life he was driven by the Spirit of God to herald the coming of Christ.   He tirelessly convinced people to repent and reform their lives for the Reign of God was at hand. You would think that he of all people would have recognized the Christ before anyone. Jesus was even John’s cousin. How could John have missed him? Yet, it was only after John was thrown in prison, away from the prophet’s forum and sensing his own end that John thought to ask Jesus if he was the one to come.

Advent, the season of waiting and preparing for the Lord – but if the Baptist missed him, how are we expected to recognize him when he comes a second time?


SPECIAL GUESTS:   I’m going to have a couple of special guests this weekend. My mother will be with me Saturday and Sunday.  A short visit in preparation for a longer visit around Christmas. She probably will be staying with me during the Feast of the Holy Innocents Retreat (more below on the retreat.)  Also visiting me from Des Moines for some R & R is Norman Searah.  Norman is from the Des Moines Catholic Worker.  Norman has started a tradition in Des Moines.  He is a genuine spirit of Christmas for the poorest of the poor in Des Moines.  Norman gives personalized Christmas gifts with blankets, scarves, and gloves to street people.  Norman knows many of these people personally.  They are people who live under bridges, around railroad tracks and in vacant houses.  The Catholic Worker folks are sending him out here for a few days to give him a breather before the hectic days surrounding Christmas.


THE FEAST OF THE HOLY INNOCENTS:  I will be attending a three day retreat starting on December 26th in Omaha.  It is in preparation for the yearly witness at SAC for the Feast of the Holy Innocents on December 28th.  I do not intend to cross the line.  I will take the Saturday night mass at St. Anne’s while Fr. Jim Kiernan will take the 8:30 am mass at St. Anne’s on Sunday, December 28th and Fr. Jim Datko will cover the 10:45 am mass at Holy Family.  We will be starting mass at 10:45 am at Holy Family on December 28th to give Fr. Jim time to be with us after his earlier morning mass at Weston.


LOOKING FOR A TIRE DEAL: I’m hoping to buy new tires after Christmas.  Anyone with knowledge or inside information on such matters is welcome to help me make the best choice…..Thanks.




Fr. Frank





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