1987 Feb 7 – Extra Letter – Manure Spreader given Sanctuary

1987 Feb 7 – Extra Letter – Manure Spreader given Sanctuary

Feb 7, 1987

Omaha World Herald


By Jim Smiley

The Rev. Frank Cordaro of Logan Iowa, was holding one piece of the Sullivans’ equipment.  The Catholic Priest hauled a manure spreader to the St. Anne Catholic Church grounds in Logan, where he said he is “giving it sanctuary.” He said Friday night the spreader remained at the Church.


Sat. Feb.7, 1987

Dear Friends;

I’m sure you are asking yourselves what in the world is a manure spreader doing in St. Anne’s Churchyard? Well, I liberated it from the Bob & Therese Sullivan farm late Thursday night.  I called Bob Thursday afternoon about an upcoming Sher-iff Sale and protest in Harlan, Ia. Bob told me that F.D.I.C. had just called and was coming after their farm equipment at 7:30 a.m. the next day. Even though the Sullivans have been expecting this, it was still a numbing feeling to know they were about to lose the equipment. .

There was no time to organize a support presence for the Sullivan in 12 hrs. While talking to Bob about what we could do, I got the idea of offering “Sanctuary” to a piece of the equipment that the F.D.I.C. was coming after. I told Bob I would be right up with a borrowed pickup. I told him to show me a piece of equipment that the F.D.I.C. was going to take that I could haul off with a pick up and bring to St. Anne’s. The manure spreader was the easiest piece I could haul.

I was with the Sullivans Friday morning and informed the F.D.I.C. representative of what I did; I told him that if the F.D.I.C. wanted the manure spreader they would have to come get it at St. Annes.

It is good to have a sense of humor and I must admit there is something humorous about a Church offering sanctuary to a manure spreader. Still, the point must be made; we have got to stop the on going liquidation of so many family farmers!  I am sure the Church will not be in any trouble for what I have done. I take full responsibility for my actions. At this time we wait and see what F.D.I.C. will do.



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