1987 Feb 8 – 5th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letter)

1987 Feb 8 – 5th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letter)

Cycle A

Mt 5, 38 – 48

Is 58, 7 – 10


Dear Friends:

Privacy vs. Public Witness:  Last week we dealt with the theme of poverty vs. property. . This weeks readings seem to contrast the idea of public witness and privacy. The Gospel of Matthew tells us that we are to be “the Light of the World”. Isaiah tells us that if we “remove from (our) midst oppression… if we bestow (our) bread on the hungry and satisfy the afflicted, then light shall rise for (us) in the darkness.” Authentic Gospe1 proclamation happens through the works of mercy and the struggle for justice on behalf of the poor. Upon this principle the U. S. catholic bishops wrote their recent Peace and Economic pastorals. For the U.S. bishops action on behalf of justice are a constituent part of the gospel message.   Our country puts a high premium on the rights of the individual. Individual rights are one of the strongest aspects of our society. Yet such rights can be abused. When Justice Blackmon wrote his historic decision legalizing abortion, he invoked the principle of privacy. A decision to abort was seen as a private decision with no social aspects.  Wealth is often used to buy privacy. It helps people keep a comfortable distance from the unpleasant aspects of our American society. This is how we keep the poor invisible.  These are c1ear abuses of the principle of legitimate privacy and individual rights.

Today’s scriptures call us in another direction. We are told to break down the barriers between the poor and us. We are asked to make their concerns our concerns and to do so pub1icly.  In this way we become “the Salt or the Earth” and through us the world will “see goodness in (our) acts and give praise to (our) heavenly Father.”


Fr. Frank

I’LL MISS YOU CATHERINE ..GOD BLESS YOU BOTH! As most of you already know, there is a marriage in the offing here at St. Anne’s between Catherine Becker and Kenny Fagan.  Catherine, after eight dependable years, has resigned from putting the bulletin together.  Last week was her final effort. I will miss her, yet I can ‘t be any happier for her and Kenneth. May the love you share between each other grow in the years to come and be a source of joy for you and your families! ! .  Welcome aboard Ellen Lovell.  Keep your close at hand….

The “welcome” is short – but delightful!  Ellen is filling in for a short time until one of you volunteer to take over. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.


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