1987 Jan 4 – Epiphany (Bulletin Letters)

1987 Jan 4 – Epiphany (Bulletin Letters)

Dear Friends:

Christmas In Review: Christmas with my mother was grand!  She went to all four Masses. I think my mother might be a Eucharistic junkie.  I now know where my love for the Mass comes from. This was the first year she was away from Des Moines on Christmas. Mom is retiring this summer and is about to venture on to another chapter of her life. It was good to have her with me. Of course, we had the Cordaro gathering in Des Moines on the 29th at my brother Joe ‘s house.  My nieces and nephews are all growing up too fast. Big news in the family this year is that my niece who is a freshman at Iowa State is dating the starting quarterback.

The Feast of The Holy Innocents Retreat:  Thirty-five people came together at the Notre Dame Sister’s Retreat Center in Omaha to spend two days in prayer and study. We used the Infant Narrative from the Gospel of Matthew as our outline.  We finished the retreat with a witness at the SAC gates where 10 retreatants crossed the line along with five folks from the “Youth for Peace” group from Omaha. I‘ve attended every Feast of the Holy Innocents witnesses at SAC since l979 except for one while I was at Leavenworth. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be with them again this year.

High School Overnight: I’m pushing my luck. I survived my second High School overnight at the Rectory. Fifteen kids showed up at my house Tuesday night equipped with a full menu of “junk” food and videos. We played games and watched movies. We celebrated the Eucharist in my front room, plus keeping tabs on the Iowa football game up to the fourth quarter. We stopped checking in on the Hawks thinking they were not going to come back… ‘Oh ye of little faith.’ Three houseguests of mine added something special to the night. Wendy Bobbit and her two children, Luke 4 years and Katie 6 months from the Des Moines Catholic Worker spent a few days with me this week for some R&R. Katie was mothered by all the girls, while Luke fit in with the guys around the T. V. set.  Special honors go to Pat Diggins and Sr. Jeanette without whom none of it would have been possible. Jeanette provided the games and activities, while Pat fulfilled the role of adult disciplinarian. She made the kids toe the line calling a halt to the night festivities at 4 a.m. Good Job, Pat.

A New Year’s Blessing: I wish you all a most Joyous and Blessed New Year.  May what the Lord started in us at our Baptism continue to grow and be fulfilled in the year ahead.


Fr. Frank

P.S. Chris Wainwright made a surprise visit New Year’s Eve. He spent the night and headed for Minnesota on his vacation.  He is doing campus ministry in Illinois. He gives you all his best.

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