1987 July 19 – 16 Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1987 July 19 – 16 Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle A

Mt 13, 24 – 43

Dear Friends,

“LET THEM GROW TOGETHER UNTIL HARVEST …” MATTHEW 13/30: This week’s Gospel is a continuation from 1ast weeks Gospel in Chapter 13 of Matthew, the Parable Chapter. Last week’s parable of the sower warned that though the Word of God is widely sown, it is not widely received. Some hear the Word but are so wrapped up in the accepted realities of the “status quo” that they are incapable of understanding the Word. Others receive the Word but at the first sign of persecution give it up.  Still others are too attached to their worldly possessions to take the Word to heart. Yet some do receive the word and are willing to buck the system, risk persecution and forego worldly materials. For these the harvest of faithfulness is unbelievably abundant.

This week’s lead Parable takes up the image of a sower again with a different message. This week’s Parable likens the Reign of God to a field that is sown with good and bad seeds alike. The farmer decides to let them grow side by side until the harvest whereupon the harvesters will gather them all separating the wheat from the weeds, storing the wheat and burning the weeds. Moral of the Parable it is not up to us to pass judgment. Only God has that right. It is up to us to be faithful and let the rest take care of itself.

87 07 19

FIVE DAYS WITH THE POOR: This week Pat Diggins, Mary Brosnahan, Brian Hatcher and myself are going to Des Moines to live and work at the Catholic Worker. We leave on Tuesday, July 21, and will return Saturday, July 25. We are still open to anyone else who would like to join us. You are welcome to join us for the whole five days or any part of the five-day experience. We are looking for any fresh produce that you are willing to share with the Catholic Workers. I’m sure they would greatly appreciate any sweet corn that you could spare. Wish us well and keep us in your prayers.





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