1987 June 21 – Corpus Christi Sun (Bulletin Letters)

1987 June 21 – Corpus Christi Sun (Bulletin Letters)

Dear Friends,


What does the Eucharist mean in a hungry world? More specifically, what does the Eucharist mean to an overfed nation in a hungry world?

This week we are celebrating the feast of Corpus Christi: the Body of Christ. This feast was always a big deal at my home parish of St. Anthony’s in Des Moines. I can remember the outdoor processions that took place each year. Hundreds participated, with the school children leading the way, women and men’s groups following and a host of altar servers and priest with the Eucharist bringing up the rear. There were side altars set up at different homes along the path in which special prayers were offered. There was always a big dinner at the Church at the end.

Today our understanding of the Eucharist has broadened from our pre-Vatican days. We no longer are exclusively concerned with the Eucharistic e1ements of bread and wine. The communal and social dimensions of the Eucharist have been restored. We now understand that the spiritual food offered at our Eucharistic table is connected with the physical food needed for our earthly existence. Today our Eucharist not only offers food for the soul but a moral challenge to all to see to it that the hungry are fed.


You will notice in this week’s schedule of events that I will be attending two adult education courses at Iowa Western Community College.  I’m attending these classes at the request (command) of the Iowa Department of Transportation. It seems I have collected three speeding tickets within the last year. This is nothing I’m proud of.  I will be attending Adult Drivers Education Classes. I have a tendency to drive with a heavy foot. For the record, I believe the speeding laws are reasonable and just. In this instance, I ask you to do as I say and not as I do….







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