1987 June 28 – 13th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1987 June 28 – 13th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

Cycle A

Mt 10, 37-42

Dear Friends;

CONDITIONS OF DISCIPLESHIP: This Sunday’s Gospel has some harsh words from Jesus. He sounds so different from the passive Jesus we often hear about. Did he really mean following him could come between our families and us? Scholars tell us that Jesus literally meant what he said in today’s Gospel. In the Church of Matthew’s time it was often the case that a community member risked rejection from their families because of their faith. Belonging to the early Church meant suffering persecution. Their own family members or fellow synagogue members often turned in Christians.  St. Paul was a victim of local synagogue officials many times in his career. Matthew knew well the price the early Church was paying to follow the path of Jesus. How D1ight  we understand love of Jesus over’ family today. Matthew 10:41-42 gives us a clue. “They who welcome a prophet . . .who welcome a holy one will not want for their reward.” It is this inherent hospitable and welcoming “spirit” that always gets the Christian in trouble; trouble with the Law, trouble with the Church, trouble with the State and trouble with their families.

Imagine yourself a British citizen in India during the 1930’s who is rich & powerful. Imagine yourself a good Church going Christian. Now imagine yourself bringing Mohandas K. Gandhi to your home for dinner. You would know rejection then.  Most British citizens in India at that time be1ieved Gandhi to be a terrorist & a threat to the good order of English rule. Today we revere Gandhi as a prophet and a holy man. What reward could we expect for welcoming Gandhi in the 1930’s. It costs us nothing to honor him now. In the 1930’s in India it could cost you your freedom, your life and if you were English, your family support. Matthew tells us that if we welcome a prophet we should expect a prophet’s reward.  Loss of freedom, loss of life and loss of fami1y support were the marks of the early Church’s persecution. It was a Church that welcomed prophets and received in full a prophet’s reward. Today you might ask yourself if you know any prophets and at what cost?

87 06 28

THE AD HOC COMMITTEE INVESTIGATING HARRISON COUNTY: Bishop Bullock has setup a special Ad Hoc Committee of Priests to investigate the Team ministry here in Harrison County. This Committee is a direct result of many complaints that Bishop Bullock has received from people in Harrison County about the Team ministry & its priests. The Committee has met with Fr. Tom & Msgr. Paul. They will be meeting with me this week & with the Chairs of the Parish Council, the HCCC & the RPC. I again urge you if you have not already done so, to write to Bishop Bullock of the merits of our ministry here. This may be your only chance for input into this process.


87 06 28

SPECIAL GUEST: I will be having my mother with me over the July 4th weekend. So you’ll know that Fr. Frank will be on his best behavior.




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