1987 May 10 – 4th Sun of Easter (Bulletin Letters)

1987 May 10 – 4th Sun of Easter (Bulletin Letters)

Dear Friends:


Congratulations to all our Mothers this Mother’ s Day Weekend. The natural role of mothering in the life cycle is central and I unmatched in nature. Every species has its own checks and balances to insure the continuation of this vital function. The central and unmatched role that mothering plays in nature was elevated to a divine role with the birth of Jesus. Mary is the greatest of all mothers. Every mother now shares in the divine mission of Christ because of Mary. The month of May is a Marian month. As we celebrate this years Mothers Day, let us not forget to celebrate the life of the mother of mothers, Mary the mother of Christ.

MEETING WITH HONDURAN FARMERS CANCELLED: It seems our State Department is unwilling to let the people most affected by our military presence in Honduras be given a chance to te11 their side of the story. The meeting with Honduran farmers scheduled for May 16th at St. Anne’s has been cancelled. The organizers of the tour hope that they can reschedule the tour sometime in June. We will keep you posted.

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS: May 10th is also World Day of Prayer for Vocations. The Vocations Office in Des Moines has put together a special Mother ‘s Day tabloid with individual testimonies of different priests and sisters in the diocese. Featured in this tabloid are Fr. Larry Hoffmann, Fr. Wayne Gubbels and Sr. Jeanette Homan. Be sure to pick up a copy of this special edition in the back of the church.





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