1987 Nov 8 – 32nd Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1987 Nov 8 – 32nd Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

Dear Friends;

This weekend I will be in Las Vegas, Nevada, for Dorothy Day’s 90th Birthday Celebration. Catholic Workers and friends will be gathering for a three-day celebration. There will be workshops, speakers and liturgies.  Among the speakers are Archbishop Don Helder Camara, a retired Bishop from Brazil known worldwide for his fearless support of the poor and Cesar Chavez, the founder of the United Farm Workers Union. On Sunday, we will drive out to the USA Nuclear Test Site to witness against the continued testing of Nuclear Weapons. A number of us wil1 attempt to enter the Test Site by walking across a property line at the main entrance. We expect to be arrested, given a citation and released the same day.  At least that is what the authorities have been doing with all such protesters since April. The local county is refusing to prosecute any more protestors because of the high cost to the county. Hundreds of people have crossed the line at the Test Site in the last couple of years.

The Nevada Nuclear Test Site has become a national protest site for the anti-nuclear movement. A Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban has been a goal of every U. S. administration since President Kennedy. It has the support of the mainline Christian denominations. The U.S. Catho1ic Bishops called for it in their Peace Pastoral. The Soviet Union unilaterally stopped nuclear testing in August of 1985 for 18 months. They invited the USA to do the same. The Reagan administration rejected the offer and the Soviets resumed their testing. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the life of Dorothy Day than to take her spirit across the line at the Nuclear Testing Site in Nevada.  My traveling companions will be my mother, Kathryn Epperson and Helen Tichy. All three of them are grandmothers!  I should be in good hands. I’m going to help give a workshop on Resistance and Hospitality, plus Emcee the Talent Show. My mother and I are considering crossing the line on Sunday at the Nuclear Test Site. I ‘m really looking forward to this trip. I have been struggling with my dual calls of priesthood and resistance. I’m looking to this desert experience to help give me a needed perspective.  Please keep us in your prayers Sunday morning when we cross over into the Test Site.






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