1987 Oct 11 – 28th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1987 Oct 11 – 28th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

Dear Friends;

SOYBEAN FARMERS ATTENTION!!!: Tim Enis from the National Farmers Organization (NFO) will be in Logan at the St. Anne’s Rectory this Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. to present a plan backed by the NFO to raise the price of this years soybean crop. Today’s NFO is a highly-sophisticated marketing agency. I met Tim while I was in Corning for my deaconate assignment. He’s very knowledgeable on the commodities market yet able to break the concepts down into their simplest form. I know because Tim helped me through the workings of the Commodities market. I urge you to come listen to what Tim has to say. It could hardly hurt to listen to his message. I assure you it will be an hour well spent.


87 10 11

Cycle A 28th Sun Ord Time – 87

Phil 4, 12 – 14, 19 – 20



Paul’s words to his friends in Philippi from a prison cell. As I studied this week’s text with Paul’s words from prison, my thoughts were filled with friends doing long term jail time for their acts of conscience against the insane arms race.  Solitary acts of disarmament that pierce the nuclear “veil” (Isa25/7) that keeps our world in darkness. St. Paul is writing to the Philippians to thank them for sending him provisions while he was imprisoned. I know how important an encouraging word can mean for the imprisoned. I ask you to hold in prayer the following friends who are doing long term jail time for their acts of disarmament. Drop them a note. I’m sure they will appreciate hearing from you. Tell them Fr. Frank sent you.


Richard Miller 15249-077

FCI, P.O. Box 33, Terre Haute, Indiana 47808

Rich dismantled train tracks leading into the Pentax Nuclear Weapons in

Texas, July 1986. He’s doing four years.


Larry Morlan 03788-045

FPC, P.O. Box 1000

Marion, Illinois 62959

Larry was part of a Silo Plowshares act at a Missile Silo in Missouri in

March 1986. He is doing eight years.


Helen Woodson 141-242                 Fr. Carl Kabat 03230-045

C/o The Greenhouse                         FCI, Box 1000

622 Water St.                                     Milan, MI. 48160

Ashland, Wisconsin 54806


Helen and Carl were part of the first Silo Plowshares effort at a Missile Silo in Missouri in November of 1984. They used a jackhammer.  Helen is serving a 12-year sentence and Carl is doing 18 years.








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