1986 June 15 – 11th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1986 June 15 – 11th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

Mon. June 9, 1986 DM Register

Letter to editor

I am surprised at Archbishop Daniel Kucera’s reaction to your May 22 editorial, “More Women in the Ministry.” I found it neither insulting nor anti- religious. I did find it biased, but isn’t that what editorials are supposed to be?

I’ve been a priest for one year, on of the best years of my life. I love the priesthood and the ministry I share. There was nothing in my call to the priesthood that women in my faith have not also experienced. I have done nothing in the last year as a priest that a women would not have done equally well.

I welcome the ordination of women in the Protestant faiths. I do not speak for all Catholics but I know I speak for many when I write that we are saddened by our  church’s stubborn reluctance to give women an equal share in the church’s ministries.

Our perceived vocation problem is more an ordination problem. Until we face up to this truth, our present ordained ministries and church will suffer.

Fr Frank Cordaro, St Anne’s Church, Logan


June 12, 1986

Dear Friends:

WOMEN AND THE GOSPELS:  This week’s Gospel has an interesting last few verses.  It seems along with the twelve apostles there was a core of women accompanying Jesus as he preached and proclaimed the good news of the Kingdom of God.  In fact, some of the women (women of means) bankrolled the evangelical journeys of Jesus.  The Gospel of Luke more than any other Gospel gives women central roles in the overall mission of the Lord.  And in all four Gospel accounts, women were the first to encounter the Resurrection event.  If Jesus thought so highly of women, why is it so hard for our Church to give women an equal share in the Church’s ministries?

A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION:  Our training session for Altar attendants at St. Anne’s brought a large number of new folks on board to serve.  This year we opened the ranks to both boys and girls.  By the time we got to the Pizza Hut in Missouri Valley, we were twenty strong, plus the adult chaperones Mike and Ann Lewitke and myself.  In all, we downed eight large pizzas and as many pitchers of sodas.  A good time was had by all.  I was confirmed in my vocational choice, while Mike and Ann got a look at what the future may have in store for them.




Fr. Frank















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