1986 June 29 – 13th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1986 June 29 – 13th Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

June 27, 1986

Dear Friends:

I need to let you know that I intend to cross the line at SAC on July 6th. This has not been an easy decision and it is one I made with the help of the Team. As for the possibility of imprisonment it is hard to say.  Many repeaters have never been charged.  I have not crossed the line in three years. Of course, name recognition does make a difference.  Should charges be brought up against me, there is no way of telling if jail time would be imposed. Most of the people receiving jail terms were violating probation.  I am not on probation.  The last time my brother, Tom, was before the court, he was in violation of his probation and the Judge gave him probation again. There simply is not consistency in these matters.   If charges were brought against me I believe I would have enough time to make arrangements for coverage if needed.

You might ask the question why should Fr. Frank cross the line?  There will be hundreds of people crossing on the 6th.  What difference does one more make?  Doesn’t Fr. Frank have pastoral responsibilities here in Harrison County?                     ‘

Crossing the line at SAC is not a matter of numbers, though it is heartening to see so many more people taking this step.  Crossing the line is a profoundly religious  experience.  To cross the line is an interior matter in the realms of the conscious.   I choose to cross the line because I cannot ‘not’ do so. This act is as much a part of my faith as prayer and service.

I know this is very difficult for many to understand.  It is especially difficult for those who genuinely disagree with my beliefs on nuclear weapons. For some, my efforts at SAC are wrong headed and destructive.  I know I am asking a great deal of you to accept this part of me.  Still, as a brother in faith, I am asking for your prayers.

I celebrated my first year of priesthood last weekend.  It has been one of the happiest years in my life.  I love working with the Team and with you.  Everyone has been so good to me.  I love preaching, presiding at liturgies, being with you in times of joy and sorrow, bringing the richness of the sacraments into your everyday lives.  I particularly enjoy the one on one ministry to the sick, old and troubled.   I have many blessed experiences.  I want to continue being part of your pastoral team.

My extended journey to the priesthood has been confirmed in this past year. My continued life in the Resistance Church has also been a confirmation. I believe I have been called to both, for one feeds and sustains the other.  In the Resistance Church I am responding to my Baptismal call, and as your pastor I am living the charism of my priesthood.         I am a happy man because in my heart I am where the Lord wants me to be.

Crossing the line at SAC is also a profoundly American thing to be doing. In next week’s bulletin I will try to explain what that means.



Fr. Frank


P.S.  Take advantage of the opportunities offered this week with the Harrison County Peace Pilgrimage


I want to thank Rep. Lightfoot for his “No” vote on the Contra Aid.








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