1986 May 4 – 6th Sun Easter (Bulletin Letters)

1986 May 4 – 6th Sun Easter  (Bulletin Letters)

May 2, 1986

Dear Friends:

Lightfoot’s Limited Vision & Head of FmHa Supports Gallo Bro. Family Farming:

I attended a Friday, April 25th meeting in Atlantic, in which Rep. Lightfoot invited Vance Clark, the new head of the FmHa to meet with Iowa farmers.  When it came time for discussion, I got up and made the comment that we have been losing 5 to 10% of our family farmers over the last three years and the next few years don’t look any better.  Any industry that would lose that much of its work force in such a short time would be radically changed.  I said we hear from Farm Bureau leadership that farmers need to start making a profit on $2 a bushel of corn if we are to compete with the plantation type farming in other countries.  I believe this type of thinking is blatantly antifamily farming.  I asked Rep. Lightfoot why he and his party were against the principle of farmers coming together to set their own price and enacting some kind of supply management in order to put farmers back in control of their lives?  Lightfoot responded by saying, “The bottom line is this.   Farmers can have a choice.  They can either work for themselves or they can work for the government.  And I don’t think many farmers want to be wards of the government.”  (World Herald)  I replied, but what about the 5 to 10% of our family farmers we are losing every year?  Is the corporate farming of California going to be the model for farming in Iowa?  Mr. Clark, a California banker, then defended the type of farming in California and made this most amazing statement.   He said that there are many good family farmers in California and used the Gallo Brothers as an example.  Does this mean in the future when a couple hundred Gallo type family farm operations run this state, we will need to find our own Caesar Chavez to help organize those working for these giant feudal family farm systems?

Top Brass Visiting Next Weekend:  My mother and her sister will be visiting me this coming weekend.  Fr. Frank will be on his best behavior.

Building Project Completed:  St. Anne’s ramp is finally done.  It looks great!   This is the first major building project of my priestly career.  I’m ready to build my first Cathedral!!

P.S. Last minute announcement.  There will be a Charismatic Prayer meeting at 7:30 pm, May 12th, at St. Anne’s, celebrating the Feast of Pentecost.  All are welcome.




Fr. Frank









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