1986 June 1 – Corpus Christi Sun (Bulletin Letters)

1986 June 1 – Corpus Christi Sun (Bulletin Letters)

May 30, 1986

Dear Friends:


The Eucharist is the richest tradition of our Catholic faith. We are a Eucharist church. It is in this mystery we most directly encounter the Risen Lord. It is a gift more precious than any ‘thing’ the world can offer. Like any gift from God, it is both a blessing and a challenge.  A blessing to have it at all! Through the Eucharist, we are brought into direct contact with the Risen Lord. It is a total experience, which goes beyond the natural limits of the bread and wine. A total human experience encompassing our bodies. our minds and our souls. In the Eucharist, the person of Jesus; the gift of Faith, is brought out of us and shared in community. It is a communal experience because the nature of the Risen Lord is communal.

The Eucharist is also a challenge because the Body of Christ extends to the whole human race. Jesus came for all with a special concern for the poor. By extension, we who profess to believe are called to continue the work of the Lord. We are called specifically to feed, clothe and shelter the members of the Lord’s Body who are hungry, naked or homeless. (Matt. 25) In this regard we are doing badly.  As St. Paul says in 1 Cor. 11:29, “They who eat and drink without recognizing the BODY eat and drink a judgment on themselves. ”

I intend to join Mitch Snyder and others at the Community for Creative Non-violence and start fasting on June 1st in hopes that the President will make good on his promise to rehab their shelter. I will abstain from solid foods. Mitch plans to abstain from both solid foods and liquids. It will be a very short fast for Mitch. He will not last two weeks. Please write or call the White House asking the President to fulfill his promise. Mitch Snyder’s life depends on it….


  1.                                                                                            FRANK















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