1986 May 18 – Pentecost (Bulletin Letters)

1986 May 18 –  Pentecost  (Bulletin Letters)

May 15,1986

Dear Friends:

Last week in my letter I asked the question, “Just who is this Holy Spirit character anyway?”  This week I thought I would share with you two descriptions of the Holy Spirit I’ve come to believe in.  One comes from the book THEOLOGICAL DICTIONARY by Fr. Karl Rahner S.J., 1965.  It’s a bit dated – Holy Ghost and exclusive language but essentially theologically correct and free of error.  The other comes from the June issue of Sojourners magazine in an article about the “Faith and Resistance Retreat II” held in Missouri last month.  My brother Tom’s description is essentially an experience, one I share.  I believe in both.


Fr. Frank



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