1986 Dec 7 – 2nd Sun Avent (Bulletin Letters)

1986 Dec 7 – 2nd Sun Avent (Bulletin Letters)

December 6, 1986

Dear Friends:

FOUND GUILTY AND $48 POORER: Mark Vogel and I were found guilty in Adel this past week. “Interference with Official Acts” was the charge. Magistrate Shirley Horan presided. Mark and I stipulated to the facts. The County Attorney rested his case. Chuck Ryan, our Diocesan Rural Life Director spoke on my behalf and Mark and I both got to make our statements. Judge Horan reluctantly found us guilty and gave us a $25 fine each plus court costs. The Judge expressed hope that our action would help expose the rural crisis to our elected officials so that something could be done to stop the exodus from our rural communities.

JIM DATKO’S TALK A BIG SUCCESS: Seventy- five people attended Fr. Jim’s presentation, “Civil Disobedience – What Does the Catholic Church Teach?” Fr Jim said that the Church does not have an explicit teaching on Civil Disobedience. However, there are principles laid out in Moral Theology that allow for and encourage the use of Civil Disobedience in given circumstances. Given the moral principles and the particular circumstances, the ultimate moral Judgment rests with the individual conscience. It was a very informative session with many good questions asked. We were lucky to have the talk video taped by Deacon Leo Gaul of Earling. Anyone wishing to review the tape is wel-come to check it out from me.

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS COLLECTION: There is a new Catholic Worker House starting in North Omaha. They are calling themselves the St. Anthony Shelter and will serve as a night shelter for homeless men. St. Anthony being the patron of the ‘Lost & Found.’ The emergency bed pool in Omaha for men is sorely inadequate. The shelter will be working close-ly with other men’s’ shelters in the city to help meet this need. The Shelter is located at 1610 Locust St. They are in need of plumbing, electrical and carpentry work. They are renting the building and will need to clear at least $400 a month for rent. Representatives from the Shelter will be with us at the weekend Masses before Christmas (December 20-21) to tell us about their work. We will have a second collection at all our Christmas masses.  Last year we had a second collection for the .Des Moines Catholic Worker House and you were most generous.


Fr. Frank.


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