1985 Aug 25 – 21st Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1985 Aug 25 – 21st Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters

Pastor’s Notes

Dear Friends:


Our first Rural Home/Farm Mass was a great success!  There were over 20 folks attending.  We had the Eucharist in the Barry’s front yard with a beautiful August sunset along with the sights, sounds and smells of a typical Iowa farm yard as our backdrop.  After Mass we convened a discussion of the Iowa Bishops’ pastoral on the Farm Crisis in the Barry’s living room over coffee and cookies.  This was a great start and I’m looking forward to our forthcoming weekly gatherings.  This week we will be at the Charles and Shirley Kersten farm home (take highway 127 North about a mile or so, turn left on second hill, first house, white, after you turn off road).  Mass will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening followed by a potluck and discussion of the Bishops’ Pastoral.  All are welcome.  If you wish to help with the potluck call Shirley at 644-2395.  Remember to bring your own lawn chair.

SAD NEWS:  Tuesday I was in Council Bluffs with Bob and Theresa Sullivan at the Federal Court House.  Bob is a deacon in our Church and a life long farmer from Earling, Iowa.  They were in court officially declaring bankruptcy.  All they own is now being held in trust by the U.S. Government.  I could not help but feel we were witnessing the start of the public waking of yet another family farm.  Their debtors were there to pick over the carcass to make sure nothing was missing.  It was all done in a very cold and calculating manner.  There was little human warmth at this wake.  The government will hold onto their farm for several weeks before the Sullivan Farm is legally and officially buried.  It was not easy to sit next to Theresa as tears came to her eyes while she dug in her purse for a Kleenex tissue to wipe the perspiration from her hands before she took the witness stand.  Despite her own troubles, Theresa was mindful enough to give comfort to another woman who was in court that day with her husband for bankruptcy also.  We are going to need to come together at such events and devise acts of faith that turn the wakes and funerals of the family farm into occasions of hope and resurrection.

PERSONNAL NOTE: The mountain is coming to Mohammed!  My mother will be visiting me this weekend.  I’m hoping to have my house in order, bathroom cleaned and rugs vacuumed.  Favorable comments from parishioners about Fr. Frank will be reimbursed at 25 cents apiece.  Withheld negative comments about Fr. Frank will be reimbursed at $1 apiece.  Seriously, feel free to come up and introduce yourselves to my mother.  She is a special woman – the Spiritual Center of the Cordaro Family.




Fr. Frank





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