1985 Dec 15 – 3rd Sun Advent (Bulletin Letters)

1985 Dec 15 – 3rd Sun Advent (Bulletin Letters)

From the Pastor

Dear Friends:


I received my Via Pacis, the newsletter of the Catholic Worker Community in Des Moines, this week and read where they are in real need.  The main water line for the Ligutti House and the Kindred House broke.  The line was put in around the turn of the century and served both houses.  I remember the water pressure in those two houses when I was there or I should say the lack of water pressure.  During the summer months you couldn’t take a shower on the second floor of Ligutti House while the Asians were watering their gardens.  The community must now replace the broken water main with two new ones.  City codes do not allow for double hook ups.  They need to come up with $4000 real quick.  Plus, their faithful truck has expired.  I remember that truck too.  I got it for $1500 four years ago and it was on its last legs then.

We’re taking a special second collection at all the Christmas masses for the Catholic Worker in Des Moines.  Please be generous.  We rural folk have our problems, yet the number of the homeless in this country continues to grow in the face of an ever-increasing insensitive governmental concern – a real national tragedy.

IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE!            I got two fine frying pans last week.  Thank you for your quick response.



Fr. Frank





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