1985 Dec 22 – 4th Sun Advent (Bulletin Letters)

1985 Dec 22 – 4th Sun Advent  (Bulletin Letters)


Cycel C

Lk.1, 39-45


Dear Friends:


This week’s Gospel from Luke is one of my favorite Advent readings.  The meeting of two pregnant women – Elizabeth, beyond the child bearing years and Mary, a maiden.  The elder bearing the last of the old world and the younger bearing the first of the new world.  And then that “crazy” John the Baptist, who will not be denied, makes his presence felt even from the womb!

In the wisdom of God, divine revelation burst into our world through the miracle of life.  With the birth of Jesus, every child born is a child of the incarnation.  It is no accident therefore that two women would be the first to recognize and proclaim this humanly divine mystery.  The shame of the times was that the world was not prepared to receive the Lord.  The scandal of ours is that we are no more prepared.


CATHOLIC WORKER COLLECTION:  Don’t forget the second collection at the Christmas Masses will be for the Catholic Worker in Des Moines.  If there had been a Catholic Worker in Bethlehem 2000 years ago, perhaps the Holy Family would have had a place to stay.

Fr. Frank’s Where abouts:

December 25 – afternoon in Omaha at my brothers

December 26 afternoon/December 28 pm – I will be in Omaha on retreat with folks who will witness at SAC on the Feast of the Holy Innocents, December 28.  I will be a support person for those choosing to do civil disobedience.

December 29 pm/31st pm – In Des Moines for a family Christmas gathering.


A Blessed and Merry Christmas,


Fr. Frank





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